Corning stock cracks on Q2 earnings miss; Gorilla Glass hurt by weak Samsung phone sales

“Corning shattered its recent winning streak on the stock market after posting second-quarter earnings early Tuesday that missed Wall Street estimates,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “The maker of specialty glass was hurt by lower demand for its Gorilla Glass, which is used in smartphones from Apple and Samsung.”

“The Corning, N.Y.-based company earned 37 cents a share excluding items in the June quarter, up 16% from Q2 2013, but that missed analyst estimates by a penny. Sales rose 28% to $2.58 billion, vs. expectations for $2.53 billion. Corning stock was down nearly 10% in midday trading on the stock market today, near 20, a four-month low,” Seitz reports. “Sales of Gorilla Glass, a damage-resistant cover glass for smartphones and tablets, were less than anticipated, due to lower retail demand for smartphones and high-end tablets, and lower-than-expected sales for planned new models. Its sales were flat, at $298 million.”

“Samsung, a major Corning customer, reported weak mobile phone sales in the second quarter as market growth slowed,” Seitz reports. “Meanwhile, Apple reportedly is planning to switch from Gorilla Glass to sapphire displays from GT Advanced Technologies for its upcoming iPhone 6.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Enjoying your “strategic partnership” with Samsung, Corning?

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  1. Has a smartphone (or any product for that matter) ever had such a wide and glaring pre-release effect on the world as the iPhone 6? I mean Steve had to at least show the first iPhone on stage before the earthquake started.

  2. Corning ought to put a real priority on locating the exec who set up the deal with samsung and fire him. Confiscate any outstanding bonuses and share entitlements too. And then sack any remaining IT doofuses and replace them with recent college grads that have yet to be zombified by microsoft. These are typical actions of a brave CEO rather than a clueless wuss.

  3. Oh please. Apple was the one who got Corning to spend years and tons of R&D money to develop Gorilla Glass in the first place and then ditched them. Their going with Samsung allowed them to recoup t heir investment and make big profits for a long time. They are still making money off Samsung, just not as much. Meanwhile, Apple would have left them out of a ton of cash and with no foothold in the smartphone business (as Samsung’s competitors mostly use gorilla glass too).

    Seriously, you folks are nuts. You won’t even admit that Apple hung Corning out to dry, and you pretend as if not making any money at all is somehow superior to making billions by supplying Apple’s competitors.

    If Apple and Apple suppliers were the only companies on the planet, what a wonderful world it would be. Right?

    1. If Apple and Apple suppliers were the only companies in the world, the world would be a better place, right? Right! Apple seems to be the only company to do anything right these days. In fact, our country would be much better if you replaced Congress with Apple Board of Directors!

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