Apple TV updated with FOX NOW, CNBC channels; FX NOW with ‘The Simpsons’ coming

“Apple has rolled out some new channel additions to the Apple TV set-top box this morning. Both FOX NOW and CNBC have joined the Apple TV lineup,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “Both channels appear to require a cable subscription to unlock the content within. However, some episodes and clips are available without providing subscription credentials.”

“The CNBC channel supports viewing live broadcasts from the business-focused station as well as viewing previously aired shows and content,” Hall reports. “The FOX NOW channel features popular shows from the network like American Idol, Glee, Family Guy, The Following, and more.”

Hall reports, “In addition to today’s new channels, Apple TV is expected to gain FX NOW within the next 12 months, including The Simpsons catalog, as mentioned this week.”

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    1. Yeah, but so does half of the apps on apple tv. It sucks, but its still a great viewing experience compared to TV. My guess is is that any company on roku and apple tv know that this is the future, and when they can…they will make it available without a subscription. just saying….

        1. Cable’s golden goose is dying. Cord-cutting is rampant. People are tired of paying $60+ a month to get access to 5 or 6 networks they watch and 200 channels they never watch. Eventually we’ll get ESPN, CNBC, TCM etc. a la carte thru Apple TV. Sky News and Bloomberg are fee-free already.

          1. When you start subscribing to all the channels you want, I can guarantee you’ll end up paying much more than what you’re paying your cable company now.
            Apple should buy a TV station and also provide Original Programming like Netflix does. I would subscribe to that.

  1. Fox- a.k.a. Murdochvision is not welcome on my Apple TV in my home in any form without exception. Why would anybody want to pay for propaganda, bad taste and lowbrow crap? Funny how a guy (Australian/British/Purported Human) who bought his US citizenship runs a channel (Fake Newz) that scares old white people about illegal immigration 24/7/365.

    CNBC- a.k.a Convervatard NutBall Channel or the church of Ayn Rand- is dying faster than Rush Limpaugh’s ratings. If your like your business news served with a healthy dose of Republican propaganda, CNBC is for you. They think tax cuts and deregulation can cure everything from cancer to hemorrhoids.

    Both of these will be marked to hide along with the Murdoch Street Journal and other crap.

      1. News Channels/Video News Programming Sources I Have Available/Use Online or on TV:
        BBC World News
        France 24
        Deutsche Welle
        CNN International
        Al Jazeera English
        Sky News
        CBC (The National)
        Democracy Now!
        The Young Turks
        The Real News
        ABC (Australia- not Mickey Mouse TV)
        PBS Newshour
        CBS News
        ABC News
        NBC News
        Pro Publica
        New York Times
        Los Angeles Times
        Washington Post
        C-Span Networks

        I do watch Ms Maddow, but little else on MSNBC as they tend to be Obama apologists.

        1. All of the above news outlets are liberal or extreme liberal Obama supporters! I know because I read, listen and watch many of the above sources (never Al Jazeera or Young Turks, too extreme). Maddow is a joke, surprise anyone can take her serious.

          You are too lopsided. Please don’t vote.

  2. I don’t see FX Now on AppleTV but I wouldn’t mind it. I’d like all the apps better if they didn’t depend on cable subscription and also had all back episodes.

    What I’d really like since I have to subscribe to cable anyway, is to be able to operate my DVR from anywhere and watch the shows stored there from anywhere.

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