Former Obama spokesman Jay Carney said discussing PR job with Apple – Bloomberg

“Apple Inc. has talked with former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about a public-relations job, a friend of his said,” Jonathan Allen reports for Bloomberg.

“Carney hasn’t made up his mind, according to the person, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private and no agreement has been reached,” Allen reports. “‘I’m talking to a lot of different people about a variety of potential opportunities,’ he said yesterday in an e-mail.”

“A former Washington bureau chief for Time magazine, Carney joined President Barack Obama’s administration as the first communications director for Vice President Joe Biden. He took over the briefing-room podium when Robert Gibbs resigned as press secretary in February 2011,” Allen reports. “He left the job last month and was succeeded by Josh Earnest.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple would do better with Art Carney.

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    1. MacDailyNews, Art has NO credibility. Zero! An Apple PR or Evangelist must have believability and truth on their side without past BS baggage.

      Don’t need a “Yes” man. You need a true believer with passion for Apple, its products and services.

      1. You are a complete idiot. An Apple Spokesperson is totally invisible and NOT the star, or credibility focus, of any Apple PR.

        Apple has all the credibility it needs and the highest credibility that has been earned over years and that always speaks for itself before and after any personal opinions of the “spokesman”.

        1. Did you read what you said? “An Apple Spokesperson is totally invisible…” That’s dumb. How can they be a spokesperson and be invisible? Carney was horrible at his last job, and he would be horrible at Apple. If he started working at Apple, it would dampen a great deal of my enthusiam for the company. Carney proved that he cannot be trusted to give a straight answer to questions, and he would be a disaster for Apple.

    1. Who’re you going to believe? Some random guy on Twitter who is pretty much ALWAYS right when he gives the thumbs-up/thumbs-down to Apple news? Or some anonymous friend of Carney’s close to the situation?

      Clearly, major news outlets are going with the anonymous friend instead of our trusty Yup/Nope guy.

  1. I really doubt that Apple would hire Carney, and if they did, I do not think that Carney’s performance as spokesperson would have much of an impact on the world’s most profitable tech company. But it would be a very troubling sign that Apple under Tim Cook might be vulnerable to engaging in far-left political ideas and policies that could significantly impact their performance in the future.

    1. The only thing that would make any possible sense is if Apple wants to hire Carney as a lobbyist/government liaison/PR guy. Otherwise it’s a waste of money.

    1. Hear that, Satya? Better hire him out from under Apple’s nose!

      (It’ll be just like iWatch rumors: Apple may or may not be hiring him, so everyone else will race to be “first to market” with their own former White House press secretary.)

  2. What excite me about this and similar threads are not the spokesperson (they are just figure heads); it is the fact that Apple is looking to hire someone for this role.

    I believe Tim and the board are going to be more proactive to some of the crap that comes out of SameSuck paid bloggers.

    I was very happy to read that Apple responded to EU re in-app-purchases. I hope Apple will be more forceful and deal proactively with big lies being spread. Apple is too big, does not have Steve’s clout, and way too many companies with no moral compass trying to steal Apple’s R&D results for Apple to behave as Apple of the past.

  3. Carney may or may not be good at what he does. But in his last job with the administration, he couldn’t tell the truth if a loaded gun was pointed at this head. That destroyed his creditability for years. Apple should avoid him at all costs. He is damaged goods.

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