Ex-Obama press secretary Jay Carney in running to be Apple’s next PR chief

“A new report from Re/code today suggests that Apple is currently considering hiring… Jay Carney as its new head of PR,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“Carney worked as White House Press Secretary from February 2011 until June of this year,” Beasley reports. “Carney would replace Katie Cotton, who stepped down from the position earlier this year.”

Beasley reports, “Carney is reportedly being considered for such roles at several companies, including Uber.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Apple doesn’t need this fool. Are they nuts? Hope it isn’t true. Plenty of good PR people out there he couldn’t hold his own at the White House how on earth would he with Apple. Made for disaster this hire.

    2. Jay Carney makes John Hodgman’s character “I’m a PC” look cool! Carney looks too PCish to be associated as Apple’s PR Chief… Maybe Microsoft’s, but not Apple.

    1. This is nothing new for Apple.

      While Chelsea Clinton was attending Stanford, Steve Jobs let President Bill Clinton stay at the Jackling House for private visits to see his daughter.

      Al Gore was invited to the Apple Board shortly after George W Bush stole the 2000 election by appointment of the 5 Republicans on the SCOTUS.

      Apple has been a liberal, gay friendly company from the earliest times and those things have not changed. Long before others were trumpeting changes to their HR policies, Apple was extending domestic partner benefits. It is far from a Republican leaning place.

      Get over it.

      1. I am no fan of Bush, Clinton, Bush, or Obama but how long are you going to cry this river? When will you take responsibility? It has been nearly six years and the excuses never end. Personally, Apple should shut the hell up and make computers. I do not want to know about their politics.

      2. Get over it? Is that how a liberal deals with a lying piece of trash? You don’t have an opinion on this guy painting colorful rainbows on every single thing the White House was doing no matter what it was? This guy is the lowest character human being on Earth. Someone who lies all day long no matter the topic. He is not good for Apple. Every word he says will be dismissed. Therefore, he would be worthless to Apple. I could see him at Microsoft or Samdung, where low character is the norm’.

    2. You really need to comment on more things under this ID of yours which are strictly Apple related and have nothing politically intentional in the story to require your presence. You have to bet some MDN politics-bot that’s programmed to post nonsense, albeit in structured sentences, when a story references certain keywords. Heck you probably amass data from various Google searches and political hate sites.

      Saying “get a life already dude”, is probably pointless as it’s obvious you’re just a bot, probably written by some script kiddie.

    3. How anyone could have Soviet posters in their kitchen is beyond me. The Soviets were one of the most intolerant, bigoted, cruel regimes in modern history.

      People need to read a little history, instead of watching tv.

      1. yeah,

        and back in the 60’s i had chinese communist propaganda posters in my kitchen… why? because they were both interesting art and artifacts of a particular time.

        They in no way indicated any support on my part for that repressive regime. (although they totally flipped my parents out)

        so don’t go jumping to conclusions that may well collapse under their own weight by automatically assuming his support for communism.

        there are a great many people who collect these posters for the very same reason i had some. and nowadays they do not come cheap !

        posters i paid $2.00 for then now can run in the hundreds of $$

        oh well…..had i saved them maybe i could have sold them to him for a premium and bought some legal weed in washington state !

        moral of the story: not everything is political.

        1. Weed probably explains why you thought it ok to have this, “art” in your kitchen. I wonder what those killed by the communist Chinese would think about your indifference to the idea of hanging such propaganda from your walls. A museum, maybe, but your kitchen? Go fire one up and enjoy. You so, “free” and different from everyone. I bet your pot snowing friends just love how different you are.

          1. well i suppose i could have put it in my bathroom, which would have been more indicative of my attitude towards the chicoms but there was more room in the kitchen.

            besides anybody with a grain of sense realized, even then, that those posters were off the scale and over the top propaganda in support of the unsupportable, but some of them had artistic merit, that is why they are collected buy both individuals and museums.

            you need to relax… maybe even fire up a reefer your own self… you are way too uptight to be concerned about the relative merits of my kitchen wall (or that of that dip jay carney) vs a wall in a museum as an appropriate venue for these old posters.

    4. First2014, you are drawing wild conclusions from a single photo in Washingtonian MOM – yes, I actually followed one of your links.

      As well as being a journalist, she co-authored a book that “…delves into the science and sociology of that idea, the biology of the brain…”. It is not surprising that she might have an interest in Soviet history and the Soviet propaganda engine. Some people collect and display Nazi memorabilia – it does not make them Nazis. You can display a Bob Marley poster without being a pothead.

      You are so eager to judge on appearances, to find “evidence” that supports the worldview to which you cling so tightly and so stubbornly. You can twist and rationalize absolutely anything to prop up your belief system. You are truly amazing in that regard, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean it in a very, very bad way. You are an embodiment of the intolerant rot that is attacking our society.

      You generally speak with a forked tongue, and I do not hear your words.

    5. Here’s a deal I know you’ll refuse, but it makes sense to me:

      Let’s call BOTH GW Bush AND B Obama the two WORST presidents ever. You know I’m not going to let up on GW Bush, who by rights should be locked up with Cheney in prison for crimes against humanity. I know you’re not going to let up on B Obama, who by rights should be locked up with Biden for crimes against humanity. So let’s call it a draw.

      Oh and, back on topic: The last thing Apple needs is another political magnet working for the company. The Gore magnet has been bad enough.

      1. Not even close to a draw.

        That old “they both do it” is a 50-50 old saw mentality and certainly not accurate in this analysis.

        All one has to do is look at the statistics and facts when both held office.

        Start with poverty, unemployment, taxes, welfare figures and go from there. Won’t even mention foreign policy and illegals flooding the southern border.

        The USA under both presidents has radically changed and is now as different as night and day.

        So it is not a neat equivalency equation as some would like coming to grips with what they voted for (i.e. false advertising).

        You have been peddling this line for some time and that’s your opinion — wonderful.

        But facts don’t lie and reality is not found in the media or on the big screen … :~)

        1. We really haven’t had a decent President since Washington. Lincoln was horrible and each one after him has been progressively worse. The reputation of some of them went up with the business cycle, but I can’t think of one I’d consider voting for again with the possible exception of Eisenhower.

        2. You were so busy lamely attempting to slam me that you forgot to clearly point out the loser in your Battle Of Presidential Malfeasance.

          You know my opinion regarding that battle. You know First-Then’s. Your turn! Well, that is if you want to continue to make an Apple News Site into a political bletherfest site. I’ll deal with it either way.

  1. This would be enough for me not to buy anything Apple. The man is a proven falsehood (not liar!) teller and probably would be best situated at the Redmond Campus…Tim, leave your politics behind and keep Apple above the fray.

    1. So you buy Apple products because of whom they hire as PR, but not because they make the best products or have ecosystem.

      C’mon guys whether you like the guy or not, that’s your opinion and absolutely have the right to it. Let’s not over react and decide not to buy Apple products.

  2. Why don’t they just go out and hire Saddam’s former Iraqi information minister? He was just as credible in 2003 as Jay Carney is now! Seriously, I would have to question Apple’s management and judgment if they hired that marxist clown.

  3. After these MDN comments reach the White House, Carney is sure to be scratched from the list. Those noble public servants hang on our every word, just as Apple Inc. avidly follows our brilliant suggestions for product design and marketing.

    1. If Apple listened to MDN commenters’ brilliant suggests for product design and marketing, the iPad would be as thick as a Surface Pro, iOS 6’s beloved felt, leather, and wood would extend to the exterior of the phone and packaging, and Jony Ive would be working for Google right now.

      Oh, and commercials would mimic this hastily made tourism video for Cleveland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysmLA5TqbIY

    2. Hear hear. You’d be amazed at how much they pay attention here. It’s hysterical…or maybe that’s historical.

      I should check more often.

      Enjoy the day.

      Had a real good tumble down at the China Syndrome post a bit down.

      If you is bored.

      Catcha later.

      1. @Road Warrior, Thank you for directing me to a fascinating commentary dustup. Only from such extended exchanges can I extract enough data to flesh out personalities and deduce the events that shaped them. I do this because knowing people is more compelling than knowing facts.

        I tend to regard the appalling behaviour of nations, tribes, and their indoctrinated members as expressions of neurological disorders multiplied by network effects. Belief systems can entrap minds as readily as quicksand. Their appeal lies in appeasing the limbic system with palliative truisms and socially reinforces them with fellowship.

        The only possible escape is to will the countervailing emotions to the fore — to enable compassion and trust, and replace outrage with calm engagement. I see you as one who would throw me a rope as I sank in the bog, regardless of my politics or superstitions. I’d do the same.

        1. I thought you might like that and I do have to say having you and Derek as well a many others makes MDN a pleasure to come and visit and interact.

          I like what you said about belief systems, and so many of them worldwide are usurping people’s personal power in exchange for short term comfort.

          Simplistically put it’s like those who are providing fish to feed a man a day are not showing people how to fish so that they can feed themselves a lifetime so that they can have that power over them. It makes society weak and unfortunately it is becoming quite pervasive.

          Shhhh about the compassion part though, if people find that out it would ruin my reputation here as a troll.

  4. The Liar in Chief’s number one liar running for PR Chief? Let me get this straight: Tim Cook is the gay agenda’s new poster child and Jay Cook is supposed to tell the truth after lying for Obama for years. Apple is officially ruined!

    Those who have doubted me will one day realize I was right all along about Tim Cook.

      1. Let’s analyze this statement.
        He doesn’t like the Apple CEO but he seems to like Apple products.
        How is that hypocritical?

        If Apple hired Kim Jong-un as CEO, would you switch to Windows? Or would you love the idiot because you love the product?

        1. Hugh difference between Kim and JC. If you don’t like the people running a company, be a man and don’t buy their products. Apple is an international company and not there for a bunch of bigoted demented pussies who think everything should be done their way!

  5. Hiring Jay Carney speaks volumes of how Apple views public relations!

    Remember Apple you are judged by the company you keep.

    Political hacks are considered liars by nearly every citizen regardless of party affiliation.

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