U.S. FTC files in-app purchase lawsuit against Amazon

“According to a US Federal Trade Commission report filed today, Amazon has billed parents and other account holders for millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app charges incurred by children,” Electronista reports. “The FTC’s lawsuit seeks a court order requiring refunds for consumers for the unauthorized charges and permanently banning the company from billing parents and other account holders for in-app charges that have been made without their consent.”

“Reports have circulated that Apple’s general counsel sent a Consumer Reports investigation to the FTC to inform the regulatory board of Amazon’s policies,” Electronista reports. “Unlike Apple’s complaints, the FTC’s complaint against Amazon notes that there were no password requirements of any kind on in-app charges when the Amazon Appstore launched in November of 2011, including on apps that appeal to children. The complaint highlights internal communications among Amazon employees pointing out that allowing unlimited in-app charges without any password was ‘clearly causing problems for a large percentage of our customers,’ and adding that the situation was a ‘near house on fire.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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  1. … In other words: WAKE TF UP FTC and do your job, correctly please.

    As ever, I tend to find ‘evil’ is the product of stupidity (thus my frequent use of the word) far more often than simply (or only) maliciousness. This is yet another reason to find ‘evil’ to be worthy of derisive laughter, certainly from my POV. ‘Evil’ despises laughter specifically because ‘evil’ knows it’s an act of a fool. ©2014, Derek Currie, Esq..

    I hope that lesson was useful. I have many more available upon request. 😉

    1. Derek on a roll, again. I like it. Ordinary blokes don’t copyright their coinages midstream. Then again history has seldom seen the like of this sorry roll call of losers, incompetents, and hapless clowns, with no end in sight. Sadly, we were born into an age of witlessness, and more’s the pity. Even sadder, the thought occurs that we ourselves may be amongst these riffraff; let us then hurry and beget a new generation free of these handicaps.

      Mind, these observations are brought to you courtesy of Harvey Wallbanger.

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