Apple beats Samsung as Galaxy fades

“Samsung used every trick it knew to climb the smartphone pile, but its days as king of the castle are numbered as Galaxy sales growth crumbles before stiffening competition, from market bottom and market top,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “You’d have to be blind not to see this in the latest company results, in anticipation to which its earnings multiple tanked on the Korean stock exchange. Unless the company gets something right soon, these results are not a blip, but a new trend’s beginning.”

“At the top end of the market Apple has the advantage, yet again. Not only are smartphone sales stalling in significant markets across the planet as customers prepare to migrate from Android to iPhone, or to replace the ‘Designed in Cupertino’ devices they already own, but Apple’s existing products have the kind of mojo the ‘Made in Korea’ mob mock but cannot match,” Evans writes. “That’s why the iPhone 5S remains the world’s leading premium device while the “failed” iPhone 5C actually sells more units per week than Samsung’s top end Galaxy.”

“Samsung’s feeling the pressure at the low end of the market, too,” Evans writes. “This is because there’s a swathe of equally well-made (?) and well-designed (?) Galaxy alternatives taking chunks out of the company’s sales, despite its subsidized prices.”

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  1. Samsung is going to have some big problems this Fall and the Fandroids will not be able to BS their way out of it. Buried in Google’s introduction of Android L was 2 big reasons why iOS if way ahead of Android. 64bit is the big one. When Samsung introduces 64bit mobile devices they will be over a year behind. Apple will have mid level phones and tablets plus a lot of software already on the market. Updates from Google Play, not carriers. This is the main reason for fragmentation, and the App Store had it from the beginning. 2 other problems for Samsung. The press has been silent on fingerprint scanners after Samsung’s pathetic attempt at it. Apple will have a wide range of devices with this at the end of the year. Find my iPhone; States are pushing for carriers to adopt something like this on all smart phones and the carriers are pushing back. Theses security features are popular with high end and high volume buyers. Samsung will have a hard time with the profitable part of the phone and tablet market.

  2. I think the more you experience Samsung, the worse it gets.

    They might get you on some superficial things, size, marketing, they show okay in the store and seem to tick off features.

    But living with them, you get to know the real problems. TouchWiz, Battery Life, slow to no updates. You don’t use the features, or they don’t work.

    Then you realize you just want the phone that just works, is well-balanced, good battery life. Responsiveness. The whole thing, and the small things too.

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