Taiwan June exports rise on demand for Apple product components

“Taiwan’s exports in June slightly lagged forecasts, but shipments to the United States jumped in a positive sign that its tech firms are reaping the benefits of the season’s new smartphone line-up,” Faith Hung and Roger Tung report for Reuters.

“Component makers for Apple Inc have started shipping parts for the new iPhone 6, and exports are expected to steadily improve into the third quarter,” Hung and Tung report. “‘Taiwan companies will be shipping components in big volume in July – September for Apple’s new products,’ said Anita Hsu, economist of Masterlink Securities, Taipei… Shipments to the United States, Taiwan’s second-largest export market, rose 11.8 percent from a year earlier.”

Hung and Tung report, “Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, the world’s No.1 contract electronics manufacturer, pleased investors when it said it should see at least 10 percent profit growth this year over 2013.”

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  1. Note that Taiwanese companies are benefiting as a result of Apple reducing it’s dependency on Samsung in South Korea.

    Samsung’s ( and South Korea’s ) rivals are becoming very much stronger and more successful as a direct consequence of Samsung behaving in such an untrustworthy manner. Samsung is experiencing reduced profitability and South Korea is losing trade.

      1. While you can’t eliminate that possibility, the companies now supplying component’s to Apple can see what happened to Samsung, so they would know what to expect.

        The lesson couldn’t be more clear. Work with Apple, deliver the quality and quantity that Apple requires and you will get immense orders, work against Apple and you lose those orders to your rivals. If no rivals exist, Apple will invest heavily in an appropriate company in order to make it able to deliver what Apple needs.

  2. “Hung and Tung” ???

    Am I just “hung”-up on satire? Or, is this a deliberate joke or play on words. What a great wresting, porno tag team they would make with that moniker!!

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