Impressive concept brings glass breaks back to Apple’s bigger iPhone 6

“Glass breaks, or no glass breaks: that is the question Cupertino could have been pondering this past year,” Joe White reports or AppAdvice. “Now, however, one particularly impressive iPhone 6 concept imagines how glass breaks might fit with the design of Apple’s bigger 4.7- and 5.5-inch devices.”

“In order to create a more streamlined, minimalistic design for its iPhone 6, Apple had been rumored to be dropping glass breaks and using antenna lines instead (a point seemingly proven by several leaked mockups and subsequently adopted by countless iPhone 6 concept designs),” White reports. “Now, a new concept published at The Tech Block by designers Tomas Moyano and Nicolàs Aichino imagines how Apple’s iPhone 6 would look if the handset does indeed feature glass breaks.”

iPhone 6 concept art by Tomas Moyano and Nicolàs Aichino (via AppAdvice)
iPhone 6 concept art by Tomas Moyano and Nicolàs Aichino (via AppAdvice)

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  1. Possibly, but what really bugs me is people who put their phones in their back pockets and sit down. CRACK!

    I’ve had lots of iPhone and iPhone design ripoff phones, but I’ve never cracked a glass.

    I did let my 5s slip into a cup of coffee overnight. I threw myself on the mercy of the genius court. I got the cutest genius. I told her about working late, getting a call about the status of the project, yada yada, and how I put the guy on speaker phone, then laid the phone carefully across the top of my coffee cup.

    Then went to bed. In the morning it was top down in the coffee cup and there was jus a wee bit of coffee, enough to cover the top ear speaker.

    She looked like I’ve heard ever effing sob story out there buddy, pony up the $150 or move along.

    1. Apparently, in industrial design, a “break” is a transition or border from one type of design element or material to another. You can see it at the top of the black iPhone 5s ” rel=”nofollow”>here.

      As a writer, I would have looked for another term because “brings glass breaks back” reads awkwardly, is prone to (massive) confusion, uses an obscure trade term (“breaks”) in an “Oh… didn’tcha know?!?”-fashion, and induces neuron *!* interrupts when merely reading the article title. Prose that calls attention to itself is bad prose.

      1. Yeah, I’m a designer, and we do use that term that way – especially if it is a “break” in color. Just try to ignore how dumb it sounds in this situation. Clearly Jony was never going to put those silly lines all over the back of the phone like all the mock-ups have been showing.

    2. You know when you were a kid and you kept swinging the bat and missing the ball?

      Remember when you finally hit that damn ball and it goes right through your parents’ plate glass window?

      That is a glass break.

      I still hate baseball.

        1. I’ve been encredibily lucky, but after 7 years of owning an iPhone, I have never dropped one, except on carpet. It’s a good thing too because I prefer cases that are minimalist and don’t take away from the aesthetic of the iPhone.

  2. This doesn’t really change the lines we had seen previously, right? We’re just seeing the middle piece with glass instead of aluminum, and the lines a subtle color? Assuming the lines can be subtle I think I’d prefer the aluminum to the white/black glass pieces we’ve become used to the past two years.
    On a side note, how necessary is the glass? I’m confused as to whether the glass acts like a window for the antennas, or whether the aluminum body pieces are the antennas with plastic lines separating them. If it’s the former, why can’t the signal just pass through the all glass screen?

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