1. Negligible impact since the battery will be bigger in both rumoured 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhones.

      Some of the bigger battery capacity will drive the bigger displays, but that makes haptic impact on battery life even more negligible, and could be offset by turning off the default typing sound that’s been with us since 2007.

      1. The issue is not even battery, but the fact that there is no way to produce haptic effect without making screen scratch-prone and tamper with image clarity, colour accuracy and viewing angles. This is totally opposite to what Apple tries to achieve with sapphire crystal cover for the screen.

  1. Someday. Tactile feedback on touch screens seems more like a gimmicky power drain at this point, that will eventually mature into something useful enough to be added to the iPhone.

    I think this year, the new iPhones are “just” going to have bigger screens, faster chips, and new OS.

    Another “someday” feature I’m more excited about is hybrid LCD / electric ink display.

  2. Uh, proof anyone? Just because an analyst posits that this will be, without proof, his assertion is meaningless.

    Why I bother to read the latest rumors remains a mystery.

  3. Sounds like he just gave his clients a nice little profit.

    Apple would never use someone else’s tech for such a huge shift.. They would have developed the shit out of it and made a well produced cheesy Johnny I’ve infomercial to introduce it.. Duh-

    Nice try numbnuts…

  4. I would guess Apple would put it on their trackpads first. Maybe a virtual keyboard. One that could change to the app. That would be fun to watch the Microsofties tell people how a touchscreen PC is so much better.

  5. Someday this will happen, and I hope it’s soon. Lack of tactile feedback is the one remaining deficiency in the whole multitouch approach. I don’t know if the technology is ready, but this is much more important than liquid metal, an “Iwatch”, etc.

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