Apple’s upcoming 5.5-inch iPhone said to feature 128GB model and OIS camera; 4.7-inch iPhone to max out at 64GB

“We might see the next iPhone models – Apple has for a while been rumoured to be making 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone – being offered in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage variants, hinting a new report from China,” Ketan Pratap reports for NDTV Gadgets.

“Feng, a Chinese blog, cites sources familiar with Apple’s supply chain and claims that the company’s alleged 5.5-inch iPhone 6 variant will feature a 128GB storage variant,” Pratap reports. “The report further claims that the 128GB storage variant will be limited to the bigger variant of the rumoured iPhone 6, and the alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will offer the conventional 64GB as its maximum storage variant. The move is said to be an attempt of Apple to differentiate the anticipated 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model (phablet) from other phones in the company’s line-up. However, there is still no word on whether the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone will offer the minimum 16GB storage. If the 16GB variant is dumped by Apple, then the unannounced 4.7-inch iPhone 6 might be unveiled with just two storage variants – 32GB and 64GB.”

“In earlier report citing a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also suggested that the alleged 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would sport OIS (optical image stabilisation) for the rear camera,” Pratap reports. “The report further claimed that the alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will not come with OIS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bigger is better.


        1. This is stupid rumour. 4.7″ device has more than enough space for 128 GB version.

          Besides, the OIS claim for 5.5″ phone is weird. This device will be 7mm or less, and the feasibility to use OIS as well as better camera overall depends on thickness of devices, not on its size in other measures. Updated regularly sized iPhone with 7.6 mm thickness will have more chances to have OIS than thinner 4.7″ or even more thin 5.5″ models.

          1. Ummmmm. Even I use earphones 4/5 of the time with my iPhone, for calls or other purposes, I still can’t find it a good thing to have a 5.5″ screen on my face for the rest of the other 1/5’s for phone calls.

            I’ve never used those large screen phones, so I am surely biased toward my current iPhone size of offers… But well, let’s see…

  1. There’s no way I’d get the 5.5″ because it is too big for normal sized people to use comfortably. 4.7″ is bad enough, but why withhold features just because someone doesn’t want an enormous brick as a phone?

    1. Normal size people? Are you nuts? Look, if you can’t hold a 5.5 inch phone in your hand you have tiny hands. Did you bitch and complain when Apple went from 3.5″ to 4.0″ iPhones? Well? Did you? Are you still using a 3GS iPhone? You and the other couple of fanboys who constantly claim that there won’t be a larger iPhone must all have tiny little hands. Quit whining like a little girl. And go sit at the table with the women and children.

  2. Kind’a disappointed. If I want to carry a reasonably sized iPhone I must compromise. I remember a day when MDN espoused the only reason Android phones needed a bigger screen was so they could find room for components that would equal that of the iPhone.

    1. The folks who write for MDN are hypocrites who follow whatever direction Apple is going without ever actually understanding that direction. No point trying to point out the inconsistencies.

      I cannot fault Apple for putting better components in the 5.5″ model due to either its increased size or to slightly differentiate product lines. As a consumer, it doesn’t matter to me if Apple creates a 5.5″ option for their product line, so long as they also sell something that is in line with my needs and wants.

    2. Apple screwed up by not having a larger iPhone two years ago. It was obvious then. It’s very obvious now. And it’s as simple as that. And the sales of larger Android phones means nothing because they are not iPhones. So those statistics are useless. Apple simply made a mistake. It happens. A very costly mistake. And if people didn’t want larger iPhones the 4 inch iPhone would’ve never been made. If Apple didn’t think that they could sell the larger iPhones they wouldn’t finally make them now. They will easily outsell the 4 inch iPhone quickly.

      1. Nonsense, Samsung et al had no choice but to make an oversized phone, not having a usable iPad clone. What’s more, the small android phones weren’t big enough to have a decent sized battery.

        Now, Apple is about to make phablets that everyone thinks they need. Totally sucked in by the Samsungs of this world.


  3. MDN is too funny! Spent the last few years making fun of large form factor phones but now “bigger is Better” is there new found tag line. Incredibly weak!

      1. Yes, we remember September 24, 2012. The day AAPL started it’s long, long decline. The first business day after the iPhone five introduction. Bam! Down she went. Yeah, we remember it. You phony.

  4. “If” these rumors are true, there are likely reasons other than trying to differentiate the products for doing this. Likely reasons include component availability and room for two 64 GB memory units. So in review the 5.5 inch will have a sapphire display, 128GB storage, and optical stabilization, and the 4.7 inch will not, for $100 more. A lot of folks will be unhappy if this turns out to be the case.

  5. Size is everything, and I don’t mean the screen.
    Whatever comes with 128Gb gets my money, and if that means a 5.5″ screen, then fine.
    That makes reading ebooks and viewing and taking photos easier as well, and I have a lot of books, and take a LOT of photos: 26,600 in iPhoto at the moment.
    Looks like my next upgrade is going to pretty much tick all the right boxes.
    As for carrying a 5.5″ phone, well, as I wear combat trousers and loose fitting jeans during the winter, and shorts with large pockets during the summer, it’s not a problem; my iP5 has been in a TakTik case which is at least as bulky as a 5.5″ phone since I got it, with no problems carrying it, so I foresee no issues there.
    Anyone complaining about it not fitting your pocket, either stop wearing skinny hipster jeans, or carry a manbag to put it in.

  6. I like the 5S size right now. I still think anything bigger is just too cumbersome to lug around everyday. With iTunes Match/iCloud all my music, pictures and playlist freed up GBs of space for me. I don’t need 64-128 GBs of space anymore. 😊

    As long as the 5S size will continue another option is good to have for those craving to compete with Samsung Next Big Thing innovation BS.😏

    1. So why did you go to the 5S? It is bigger than the iPhone 4/4S. Why didn’t you just stick with the smaller phone? Isn’t it more convenient? Isn’t it more comfortable? Wouldn’t it fit in your tiny little pockets easier?

  7. I have a 64GB 4S and love everything about it except…..
    I also have an LG G2 (company phone) which is becoming more and more a POS every minute. The other day it decided to change the ringtone. When it gets warm it starts surfing and composing and goes bats shit crazy, but still…….

    ….once you get used to that screen size, it really is useful (for an old man) and I sure could get excited about having a phone that actually f*cking works that size.
    (OK, that just sounds weird…..)

    I think I could be happy with my 4S as a dedicated music player locked away in the truck console while a larger screened iPhone 6x 16GB or whatever handles the other chores. I look forward to these new models as much as a new Emily Ratajkowski photo shoot.

  8. Well fuck Apple and who cares about their phones. What they have done with Aperture is the final straw for me and I’m moving on. The teenagers who seem to make all the decisions at Apple these days just make changes for changes sake, hoping some of the new “innovations” will stick. A loyal customer for 16 years, who has argued Apple’s corner more times than I can count, has bought his last iPhone and last Mac. If you want loyalty upwards Apple, there needs to be some loyalty back down to your customers who supported you through the dark years. I know the competition out there is largely shit, but at least it’s cheaper shit with a greater range of apps. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    1. Enjoy your new Dell and Windows 8 crybaby, and don’t let the door hit ya’ in the ass on the way out, because it apparently hit you in the head on the way in.

      1. Crybaby? Who uses that kind of word except a child? Face it, Apple is just a phone company now and increasingly clueless everywhere else. What other company would produce a Mac Pro, then a few months later blow-off many of the customers (photographers), most likely to buy such a machine? Just as most people on this site ignored Apple for years while Apple produced brilliance and thus came late to the party, you’ll now stick with Apple gear for years more while they produces mediocrity. Talk about slow on the up-take!

        1. People who buy a Mac Pro would be using Lightroom, in fact the sort of people who use Aperture are highly unlikely to spend the money on a Mac Pro.
          Anyway, as was pointed out, Aperture hasn’t been heavily supported for ages, and nothing whatsoever is stopping you using it for the foreseeable future, while you wait to see what Apple replaces it with.
          Stop being a whiney little brat, and grow up and act your age.

    2. Seriously? You would buy a Windows 8 crapbox just to show Apple who is the boss.

      Aperture’s abilities have been folded into iPhoto and other Apps.

      Come on, admit it, Microsoft pays you to make any step Apple makes look like a bad step.

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