Apple pulls plug on Aperture

“Apple told me today that they will no longer be developing its professional photography application, Aperture,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“‘With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture,’” said Apple in a statement provided to The Loop,” Dalrymple reports. “‘When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS.'”

Dalrymple reports, “Apple was very clear when I spoke with them this morning that development on other pro apps like Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro is continuing. Professionals in those app categories should not worry about their apps — they will continue as normal.”

RFull article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The lastest version, Aperture 3.5.1, was released November 14, 2013.

R.I.P., Aperture.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “wirehead” for the heads up.]

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      1. Welcome to the club. I can use the old Pages and iWeb as long as I want, too. I suppose Steve Wozniak can use his Apple II. That doesn’t change the reality that the new Apple has chosen to go elsewhere.

        1. Fine. They can go there without me.
          As a pro this for me was the last straw.
          I now have *no* reason to keep paying extra for overpriced Apple gear.
          Lightroom runs better on PC. In fact, a Surface tablet with 30″ monitor in the office suddenly sounds real good.

      2. Some people, can, sure. But professionals who replace their camera bodies rely on the software manufacturer keeping an update process going for new RAW file formats. Given Apple’s stated commitment to Aperture, I’m certainly not willing to risk my livelihood on Apple releasing an update for Aperture to work with the Nikon D5 when it ships in the next year or so.

        1. Aperture uses Apple’s system wide RAW rendering. (the same one that iPhoto uses) Apple will keep updating that.
          They just came out with the D4s, Nikon’s D5 won’t likely ship for two years.
          BTW – LOVE my D4.

      3. That is a silly actually stupid comment. We are professionals that want to rely on Apple for our business. Everyone knows that with new operating systems, Apature will not continue to work.

        APPLE sucks… what could POSSIBLY Be the logic behind this,

        Just like FINAL CUT PRO EX VISTA..

        Who the hell is making this decision? As an AAPL shareholder, I too am VERY disappointed.

        Aim for the MIDDLE and you’ll get the MIDDLE. That is what APPLE is doing.


    1. IS OBAMA RUNNING APPLE? WHAT ELSE CAN GET WRECKED??? No Pro applications, Diminishing market share with EVERY device, Nobody even knows what’s on the horizon, No killer ANYTHING Since TWINKLE TOES took over.. WTF

      Another indication that there is no real reason to use APPLE in a pro setting.. THATS the message.

    2. I completely agree – with around 50,000 images in Aperture I feel disheartened about both the Aperture program and the fact that Apple is saying goodbye to a large section of professionals.

      I see this as worse than the fcx ‘event’ and like a bad car accident or death – no one thinks it will happen to them. But, like death, it happens to all of us and only those with the needed safety net will fare well. In the case of death I have Jesus, in the case of Aperture I have to wait and see what Apple will deliver or some Indie dev – but I refuse to use Adobe no matter what.

    1. Try learning to read! ““‘When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS.’”

      1. “Try to learning to read!” ???

        Try learning to understand another persons concerns before assuming he can’t or hasn’t read the article. If Apple was setting out to make Photos have the same workflow capabilities present in Aperture why are they working with Adobe to ensure a smooth transition to Lightroom?

      1. Gavin:

        You really are retarded, aren’t you? I was going to ask you to attempt to comprehend the reasons why it won’t be possible to use Aperture indefinitely, but your level intelligence dictates that you can’t read anyway…

        If you were hit by a bus tomorrow (no, I’m not hoping for that), the average IQ of the world would increase several points.

    1. you can still use Aperture for as long as you want…
      Guess none of you people have a clue how programs work. Aperture WILL KEEP WORKING. It is not being physically deleted from your computer!!

      1. Sigh. You can continue to use Aperture as long as you want AND:
        1) You never buy a new camera for RAW images that the current version of Aperture knows nothing about
        2) Yosemite+ doesn’t change the file system in any way that breaks Aperture (which is the kind of history that has led to many point updates within Aperture thus far)
        3) The plug-ins you use regularly continue to get updated to support Yosemite+ (why would they, given the EOL nature of Aperture?)
        4) I’m sure there are other reasons that’ll become clear in the next little while

        1. Here’s some more:

          5) It likely won’t sync directly to iOS devices in future upgrades since iTunes will be looking for the Photos library.

          6) It likely won’t sync directly with the new iCloud.

          7) It likely won’t sync directly with Facebook upon their next API change.

          8) It likely won’t sync directly with Flickr upon their next API change.

          9) It will stop working with any media browsing apps as Photos will be the default image library on OS X.

          Really, saying it “will keep working” is the stupidest comment one could make right now.

          1. Well Apature CERTAINLY WONT get any better!!!

            What is Apple thinking? We’ve waited YEARS to OWN SOME kind of market share and they ALWAYS give it away.

            I have to use FCP7 and now Apature and basically keep my system “Frozen in time” so that the programs work.

            YOU HAVE to understand that standards and spec change with technology advances, and this f$($CKING SUCKS????

            AND YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that the new “APPS” are NOT PROFESSIONAL, especially if FINAL CUT PRO EX, TEN Vista is any indication. YOU CANNOT use it for broadcast. PERIOD. Without insane work arounds and expensive plug ins. The flow BLOWS… Youtube, Yes, A wedding or student type short,, Sure, but when you cannot export to specs asked for by ad agencies, you’re screwed.

            Apature will now join that lot, and the more troubling idea is that APPLE wants NOTHING PRO?

            WHY???? IT’s not like they dont have the money for R&D?

            I need a reason to Buy an APPLE RIG.. that is 4 times the money of an nearly equivalent PC.. Yes, Equivalent.

            So WTF? WHat is the new Mac PRO for? How dumb.

            This attitude reverberates through the entire community.

            Apple just broke trust.. Screw THEM. How dumb.

            TWINKLE TOES has no idea what he is doing.

  1. Absolutely HORRIBLE move by Apple. 180 billion dollars they have in cash and they cant keep Aperture going?

    Good god, Apple CREATED the type of program that Aperture was. Adobe FOLLOWED Apple.

    This is just sickening to the highest level.

    I am furious at this betrayal by Apple.

      1. And commercial photographers can use glass plates, but they might have trouble convincing clients that the technology is current. Would you use a pro who insisted on using obsolete tools?

    1. Apple is a company. Companies exist to make money. Margins are more important that photo professionals because margins affect bottom lines. Apple makes it’s real money from mobile device and some from computers… people who own iPhones and Mac’s won’t stop owning them because one pro photo app is no longer available. Thus Apple doesn’t care what any of us think about them killing aperture… less man hours spent on that, that they have to pay for will ultimately mean more money in their coffers which again is what they care about most because they are a company and companies exist to protect and expand their bottom line.

      1. We get that, but the decision isn’t based solely on whether one product makes money or not.

        “people who own iPhones and Mac’s won’t stop owning them because one pro photo app is no longer available.”

        Actually, yes, they will. They’ll stop buying other stuff as well. Anyone still on the fence for Final Cut or other creative software are now more likely to just go with Adobe since that is their core business. If Adobe ever favors Windows over OS X, and you’re locked into your workstation as an Adobe Workstation, then switching to Windows makes sense.

        Apple is putting photo professionals on the other side of the walled garden.

        If I’m not syncing my Aperture Lightroom library via iCloud, then there’s no need for me to pay for a large iCloud subscription. If I’m not able to export a library for easy import into iPhoto/Photos, then there’s no incentive to recommend to clients that they use that instead of Lightroom, or even use a Mac. If I’m not able to easily sync Lightroom to iOS devices, that removes the reason to have extra iPads or give them to clients.

        The scenarios go on and on, but the message is clear and one more example of Apple being willing to screw over professionals. Don’t rely on Apple products if you’re a professional.

        If Apple wants to make money from professionals in the future, this isn’t the way to do it.

        1. Adobe DOES Favor PC boxes.. They have since the end of the 90s.

          Also, EVERYTHING in the PC market is WAY less expensive, And Face it, Works about as good, minus the overall OS…
          You know what I mean… I can switch.. I dont want to, but F****$%.

          ALSO, It’s not like APPLE is doing such a great job holding onto market share with their mobile devices.. They’ve let that ALL slip away to Android and Samsung.. That’s why everyone here is so defensive. We WANT Apple to be the BEST.. not
          PROSUMER. FCP X isn’t even prosumer. Beiieve me.

  2. So they finally get around to releasing Pro hardware last year, yet are slowly cannibalizing their array of Pro applications. Photos for OS X will likely end up being like the new Pages/Keynote/Numbers… built more for the mainstream, and less for the Pros.

    1. Sadly this is the side of Apple that stinks never forgiven them for tempting me to iWeb and then shutting me out with no way to transfer my web sites. But for pros this must be a real stab in the back how can they trust Apple again, indeed how can any of us in such matters. It was their incompetence that allowed Aperture to sit in a state of atrophy because so it appears that they are too incompetent or unwilling to sort out its problems. Good job the Mac Pro was released or pros would have moved out in droves listening to all the rumours of Apple becoming disinterested.

      1. Hmmm. Not sure what you mean. I still use iWeb. I publish to FTP servers without issue, there was minimal effort moving my sites to other providers.

        1. You went through the effort of migrating to another host provider, but not moving off iWeb? Have fun with that when the iWeb app stops working.

          If you’ve got a one-page website or whatever, that’s not going to be a problem, but anyone who actually invested much in development with iWeb was pretty screwed by Apple’s two-fold decision to abandon iWeb without any real export option to a 3rd party CMS.

          If you’re actually developing with iWeb, you should really get out as soon as possible and go with something like WordPress.

    2. FTA: Dalrymple reports, “Apple was very clear when I spoke with them this morning that development on other pro apps like Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro is continuing. Professionals in those app categories should not worry about their apps — they will continue as normal.”

  3. ““Apple was very clear when I spoke with them this morning that development on other pro apps like Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro is continuing. Professionals in those app categories should not worry about their apps”

    Nope. Apple’s actions have clearly sent the opposite message. Nothing says don’t trust that we’ll continue to support professional apps like killing off a professional app that people have relied upon for their work flow.

    Having a professional photo app was no more core to Apple’s business than having a professional video app or any other app.

    Everyone said to move to Lightroom because while you may hate Adobe, pro-creative software is there business.

    I defending Apple through Final Cut Pro X, but they were right all along.

      1. Sorry, I got distracted:

        “I defending Apple through Final Cut Pro X, but they were right all along.”

        Should read, “I defended Apple through the transition to Final Cut Pro X, but the people suggesting that it was time to jump ship to Adobe were right all along”.

  4. This has to be a mistake…I just looked that the cost of Lightroom HOLY POOP that shit is like $119 A YEAR, I think you actually MUST subscribe to it – OMG this sucks!

  5. What a bunch of whiners.. you don’t even hardly have any knowledge of the replacement, but you instantly assume that its going to be bad.

    Apple has had issues with some of its upgrades, but I would think they’ve learned something by now and I prefer to think Photos will be an excellent replacement, or you can probably still use the existing version of Aperture until your think you’ve found something better.. if there is something..

    1. You Freakin Numbnut – do you REALLY think that the replacement for iPhoto – GOD DAMMED I-P-H-O-T-O is going to have the features of Aperture. Just admit now you’ve never opened Aperture, have no idea what is and have no idea what a tragedy this is…go back to Facebook and leave us in our misery.

      1. Well, guess what. I don’t know the full capabilities of the new photo app, and neither do you. I own and use Aperture, and frankly, there is little reason that Apple couldn’t roll it’s capabilities into the new app. In fact that is what I believe is happening; Aperture and iPhoto are EOL’d and new Photo is a merged collection of the best features. Now Apple has just a single photo app to maintain and build upon. I won’t be surprised at all to find the new app just as capable as Aperture.

        1. I hope you are right. But I don’t have the warm fuzzies right now. Apple needs to get out ahead of this right now and be clear about the path forward.

          1. He is WRONG. Because FINAL CUT PRO X is a perfect example of keeping the program at consumer levels.

            What is APPLE THinking? EVERYONE thinks of Apple as a graphics arts computer. THE BEST, The ONLY REASON to really justify buying a MAC over a WAY cheaper PC with nearly the same specs.. FACE IT, THE SAME SPECS…

            So now NO PRO APPS to use the APPLE graceful Interface.

            SO WHAT’S THE POINT?

            SO SO SO SO SILLY.

            1. “EVERYONE thinks of Apple as a graphics arts computer. THE BEST, The ONLY REASON to really justify buying a MAC over a WAY cheaper PC with nearly the same specs.”

              I think your rant is about twenty years out of date, Ted.

        2. If this was the case then their efforts to ‘work with Adobe to ensure a smooth transition to lightroom’ would be illogical and useless on their part… They wouldn’t need to transition anyone to Adobe Lightroom if their new offering was gong to give pros what they need instead of Aperture. Don’t be dense on purpose mate. You don’t know what’s in the update, no; but they sure do and with that knowledge they are working with Adobe on a upgrade play from Aperture to Lightroom… It doesn’t take a the sharpest spoon in the drawer to comprehend this situation.

    2. Yes, you would think that, after 38 years, Apple’s learned something from its sordid history of botched and/or rushed updates and merciless software kill-offs, but nope.

  6. “Professionals in those app categories should not worry about their apps — they will continue as normal.”

    There is absolutely no reason why anyone should believe this. I don’t use Aperture, but Logic is my lifeblood, and this worries me greatly. I don’t know how else to say it, but: Fuck you, Apple.

      1. Are you seriously suggesting that professionals should maintain multiple libraries of all of their images, all of their adjustments, all of their outputs, just in case one or the other applications goes EOL?

            1. While your sound bite sounds sensible, you are not thinking it through from the perspective of a professional that Apple just HOSED.

              Your statement amounts to don’t trust one family car to get you to work.

              As a visual communications specialist published all over the world, I have invested six digits in equipment. Certainly not going to double or triple that investment which naturally leads to double or triple my workload to safeguard myself because one day Apple, in yet another bonehead move, may pull the plug on yet another fine piece of pro software I depend on for a living.

              Personally, this is the straw that broke the camels back. When iWeb was yanked, adopted Dreamweaver full-time. When Final Cut Pro was dumbed down I moved to Avid. I bought Pages and Numbers and quickly concluded Microsoft does it better in functionality and tolerated the hideous GUI. And now Aperture is possibly dumbed down and swallowed whole by iPhoto for kids.

              With this latest in what is becoming routine from Apple, this long time user is putting my money elsewhere to survive.

              Going back to my Lisa days, I never thought the day would come I could not trust Apple and have to work AROUND them.

              Thank you for your concern about my livelihood.

          1. We are all impressed with your display of humanity and sympathy. Why did we not immediately realize that something that doesn’t affect you personally can’t possibly matter to anybody else? After all, the universe revolves around you, not us.

            1. So what you’re saying is it’s theoretically possible that the universe does revolve around Grigori even though our Sun is our center within this solar system and our earth revolves around the sun but the universe could still revolve around Grigori… Interesting.

          2. “I’m seriously suggesting that not putting all your eggs in one basket is ALWAYS a good idea.”

            The problem is that you really have no choice in the matter. Imagine if the issue here was that you have a bazillion eggs to put in a basket, and the unit of measurement that we’re concerned about is time spent putting eggs in basket.

            In this scenario, you could spend 10 days putting a bazillion eggs in one basket or 20 days putting 2 bazillion eggs in two baskets. If you’re only concerned with the days spent putting eggs in a basket, go with one basket and hope for the best. The worst case scenario is that you need the second basket and you’re exactly where you would’ve been had you made that decision. Best case scenario is that you saved half the time.

            Translated back to Aperture…

            To not put all of your eggs in one basket, or rely on one application, meant that you would’ve had to have done every project in Aperture and then again in Lightroom.

            You would’ve doubled the amount of work from the beginning, which is exactly where you are now in saying that you need to take your Aperture projects and redo them in Lightroom. Although, in reality, for most of us, not all of our projects need to be redone in Lightroom.

            You would’ve also ended up with needing twice the storage, and twice the effort and resources in backing up.

            Still, for some of us, it’s days/weeks or more of work to migrate now to Lightroom.

  7. HATE it!!!!!

    Things like this take the shine off “EVERYTHING Apple” for me. All of a sudden I feel I don’t want to stand in line for an iPhone or iPad anymore. It has just become kind of ……..ordinary.

    1. Boo Hoo – whatever – you can still use Aperture for as long as you want… but when you finally get over this news and still want NOT to use Apple products anymore, then gook luck to you may you find your way.

  8. This is truly unfortunate. The Lightroom interface is truly awful and non-intuitive…the software works…but it’s hard to get around in and will cost you $120 a year to use it..

    So obviously as previously noted, the PHOTOS app is aimed at the Instagram user…the user of the iPhone taking pictures of gramma or their drunk friend or a flower that they can throw a “cool” filter on and then forget it… I cannot use’s simply not very good. It’s not functional beyond a church newsletter… I cannot use Numbers…it’s not very good software…perhaps useful for Junior High students… I used to use Keynote but the whole “Slideshow Presentation” ethic is archaic…it’s better than Powerpoint but so is a pile of cow dung. I will NOT be moving to PHOTOS as an Aperture replacement and WON’T be storing photos in iCloud. It’s just ridiculous. There are other professional apps for the Mac platform out there…time to look more seriously at those.

    1. It’s even worse than that.

      The great thing about Aperture, is that you can finish a project and then easily sync to an iPad and hand it to a client for review. Lightroom sucks for this.

      Likewise, you can edit a whole library in Aperture, and deliver it to anyone with iPhoto and they can simply open/import it.

      1. The best and only feature set aperture has over Lightroom is its integration with the other apps in apples walled garden. I still need to find simple integration solutions for Lightroom.

        Aperture has been dead in the water for years. Apple is only now just telling the truth about its long term mismanagement of this entire division.

      2. I keep my Lightroom on MAC and iPad synced with push of one button. I also can send edited work to clients from Lightroom to any of a number of viewers. You may prefer the way Aperture did this for you, but your comments are not factual in regards to Lightroom.

        1. You can’t deny that Aperture had a lot of features and functionality when it comes to syncing across iOS devices that are completely missing from Lightroom. Whether you used them or not is another story.

    2. When I saw this horribly depressing story, I reluctantly decided to give Lightroom a try.

      When I went over to adobe’s website and looked at the “how to buy” section of lightroom and could find no way to buy it outright. The only thing there was that cloud crap of $10/mo for all eternity, $120/year.

      So I went over to amazon and found the box of Lightroom 5 so coughed up the $135. I’d much rather pay this once than have them milk me like a cow. I despise this subscription model that is cropping up everywhere.

      1. Sadly, Adobe is not updating their “Stand Alone” programs anymore, so that version you just picked up is as FROZEN as apature. (That is how it is with Adobe Premiere for video) I hope you have better luck. Thas is why I am so PISSED about APPLE abandoning their PRO community, because I CAN only tolerate this for SO LONG.. and I think they jumped the shark.

        I really dont NEED Apple anymore. Perhaps like it a bit, But certainly dont NEED COMMON CORE APPLE.

        1. “I really dont NEED Apple anymore.”

          OK. Great. bye-bye.

          By the way, using CAPS every few words to ATTEMPT to intensify WHAT YOU ARE SAYING went out of style a LONG time ago.

  9. As of this morning I have 84,779 images referenced by my main Aperture library, and a dozen other libraries I’ve set aside because the projects there are old.

    Apple told Jim Dalrymple that Aperture customers should move to Lightroom, all but acknowledging that Photos will never pretend to be Aperture.

    I therefore conclude I have at least 84,779 reasons to hate this decision by Apple.

        1. By backtracking the articles I have found no original reference that Apple is providing support to switch to Lightroom. The furthest back I found was TechCrunch that updated their article with a notice that “there is no official migration path to Lightroom”. Until Photos is released nobody knows what the program will be capable of. Perhaps it will be Aperture rolled into an iPhoto-like interface or maybe it’ll be a complete rewriting of the software like in Final Cut X that is still causing some people anger and distress. Final Cut Pro X is a superior program to Final Cut 7 in almost every way except for a few very professional capabilities that most people never will use.

          1. Careful with the quote. The update says, and this is cut & paste: “Article updated to clarify that there is no official workflow for migrating to Lightroom.” No workflow for migrating. Also read carefully that Apple points out they are ceasing development of their “pro” photo app. That strongly suggests there will not be the features associated with pros which have distinguished Aperture from the consumer app requirements.

          2. NO Professional likes or uses Final Cut Pro X. They’ve all moved to Premiere or Avid.. PERIOD. the ONLY people using FCPX are very consumer oriented hobbyists at best. GO to the comments section of the people who OWN FCPX, half like it MOST hate it, there is no in between. NO school teaches FCP X anymore, and anyone aspiring to be a video editor, or be in the film industry, or anything along those lines, DOES NOT use or aspire to use FCPX. It is for youtube, and honestly, ANY other program does what FCPX does better, and much more sensibly. Yes you can make FCPX work, but at your peril, because learning it means you are NOT learning what is not the industry standard, PREMIERE or AVID.

            So good luck turning your hobby into a profession, because nobody wants to know that you are a great FCPX editor, NOBODY. Got it????

            Look on Craigs list for jobs requiring FCPX skills.. There are none.

            1. Mr Ted, you may see my film trailer work with FCPX on movie screens across the country. It is a superior program to Premier which is stuck in the 2000’s. The interface is superior to AVID while it’s networking isn’t at all. Work on a project that requires several editors doing various different tasks? Get AVID and pay for it, they charge for the options. Working by yourself like many professional editors do, FCPX is the way to go. For $300. Stop behaving like the program just came out, it’s here and the future for editing.

  10. So iCloud & Apple will digital shut off Aperture on my Mac nor allow me to upgrade to the final version of Aperture? What? No?

    JUST KEEP USING APERTURE that you like today people. No problem.

    1. It likely will be a problem, because Aperture likely won’t sync with the new iCloud, or with the new iTunes which will be syncing with Photos.

      Also, telling Pros to use software that’s EOL isn’t a “no problem” situation.

      1. You can use DropBox or other “Cloud Services” to link with your Mac too, so use that route.
        Also, Yosemite OSX is not out yet. You have no idea what the final connection between OSX / iOS Photos program & Aperture will be with Photo Cloud of iCloud. Wait & see. calm down. The sky is not falling.

        1. Well, there’s this: “Apple also said it is working with Adobe to help users transition to its Lightroom app for Mac.”

          Whatever Photos is, it won’t be designed to be used by professionals. Apple made it clear that Photos was a replacement for iPhoto.

          They’ve specifically announced that Aperture won’t be supported after Yosemite.

          “You can use DropBox or other “Cloud Services” to link with your Mac too, so use that route.”

          Do you have any idea what Aperture even is???

          1. Yes. Use Aperture & put your photos on another Cloud. Not using iPhoto anyway. Transfer files up to Cloud storage, download, use Aperture on RAW files, save, upload back to Cloud Storage.

            1. You’ve never fully used Aperture in this respect. It’s much more than just being about the files, it’s about meta-data, and that syncs with iOS as well as within OS X via media browsing. Remove that, and you’ve just removed the major reason why I, and many others, chose Aperture over Lightroom to begin with.

    2. Honeslty, such a silly stupid statement, I’m sorry, but don’t you realize that time moves quickly. I have to keep my rigs Frozen in time, and cannot move to new OS because FCP7 uses that.
      New cameras come out all the time with new specs. 4k, and more, that did not exist when FCP 7 was last upgraded.

      People when they hire do not want to know you are stuck in time. People aspire to be the best. Apple no longer does.

      And the dirty little secret is that ALL the consumers that common core APPLE is pushing their crap on WANT TO BE PROS one day.

    1. Sorry to be a cynic, but I concluded long ago that leaving feedback for Apple (a.k.a. the tired response to anybody’s complaint about anything Apple) is a complete waste of time.

      If you ever needed proof that Apple doesn’t care, this article is it.

      1. I disagree, look at Final Cut Pro X. Apple responded to a lot of complaints and issues. Apple does a lot of controversial things that piss people off from time to time, but they also can see things as a major crisis that they need to react to when the feedback is strong enough.

        I also have some insight from people at various levels within the company. Feedback matters, even if there’s an attitude that it doesn’t.

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