Google introduces Android for watches, cars, and TV

“Google introduced three smartwatches, software to make cars smarter, and Android TV at its annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday,” Matt Hunter and Cadie Thompson report for CNBC. “Two of the watches, the LG G watch, and Samsung Gear Live, will be available today, while the Moto 360 will be available later. No price was immediately given.”

“The company also introduced Android Auto, software to develop applications specifically for automobiles, and Android TV,” Hunter and Thompson report. “Among other things, the watches can monitor health, play music, provide notifications, and sync applications and information with a users’ phone. The watch… comes months before rival Apple is expected to launch its own later in the Fall.”

“Andrew Brenner, head of Google automotive, said that cars enabled with Android Auto will be rolled out by automakers as early as the end of the year. It will enhance navigation, communication, will be contextually aware, and be voice controlled,” Hunter and Thompson report. “The last product announcement was Android TV. Android director Dave Burke said that Android TV will, like the car, be voice activated, and powered by search.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A veritable bouillabaisse of half-baked me-too.

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    1. And who is going to provide the hardware to the car? Will Samesung, LG and Motonova all compete. What companies are left that have not thrown their hat in the ring with iOS or MSFT.

      Since every thing is voice controlled do you get audio ads reat to you as you drive. Stop at McDonalds at exit 53 and get 2 for 1 Big Mac if you pay with Google wallet. Yuk!

    2. Press the reload button after every ad or else this car will drive down a ravine!
      Press the alarm button after every ad or else this watch will stop playing the music and inject an untraceable substance into your skin.
      Resistance to subsequent death is futile unless you pay us ad rates for 5 minutes worth of ads. 🙁

    1. How so? iOS is in your car? iOS is on your watch? Apple has phones for less than $100 for developing markets? I didn’t see anything that was “a repeat of Apple over the years”.

      1. At this year’s recent Bilderberg mishmash, one of the topics Eric T Mole and other attendees got to address was “Does privacy exist?”.

        And we all know what Betteridge’s Law has to say about that.

        1. That isn’t something they get to decide, as we all know. The hubris among the elite in America right now is just unbelievable. Someone needs to tell all those children at the border they were actually better off where they were. :/

    1. I think people need to wake up and see where all this is heading.

      Google buys nest (home data harvesting, robotics companies (drones to monitor people and harvest more info), a company that builds small satellites (to track and record data from the earths orbit).

      Now in the car (record your journey, start and finish locations, speed, route), on TV (know your entertainment tastes and tv viewing habits)…

      Jesus the human race is fucked big time.

    2. Google can do ANYTHING with that data. Selling it to advertisers is the tip of a very large iceberg of what they could do with it.

      And that’s the really scary part.

  1. You decided to change browser from Google to another more trusted company, let see if your car will start, maybe a problem with those brakes, or maybe that performance just happened to a short lived!

    Let Google’s Android auto malware begin!

  2. some years ago….
    Eric “The Mole” Schmidt:

    “By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded in it,”


  3. Anyone with this installed in a car can look forward to getting traffic and parking violation notices through the post on a regular basis, because Google will happily give access to all the speed and location data to anyone who asks.
    Drop ’em, bend over and grab your ankles, Android users.

    1. Are you under the impression that Apple does not gather info about its users, their preferences and habits? Do you think every tech company does not do this…just Google? These “data collection” comments are hilarious.

      1. The issue is why they do it. Google lives to advertise, Apple does not. Google has to sell evermore specific data to charge full rates, Apple is not in the business of selling date.

        1. That may be somewhat true. But Google Ads are not even close to being as invasive as iPhone users make them out to be. There are no ads in any Google applications on Android or otherwise. Ads show in search. That applies regardless of what OS or browser you use. In fact, there are no ads on my Nexus 5 what-so-ever. The non-Google apps from the Play store that have ads, I have bought to remove them. That common practice is the same on iOS. You are right, Apple is not in the business of selling data, but the misconception is that Google is. They aren’t selling you information to 3rd parties. They use Adwords to target peoples search criteria so that the ads that show, are relevant to the user or the search terms. I work in advertising and use Google Adwords. I dont have access to user data. I cant see who you are, where you live, or what your kids names are. There is a lot of hearsay about how ads work, and frankly the people talking have no idea what they are talking about.

  4. Now the market will be flooded with poor, fragmented software in our homes, our car, our phones, our wrists, and our glasses. There is only one hope…Apple. Can you imagine Google trying to write and upgrade their kittyOS across the board of all those devices? Will be a new definition for fragmentation. Later in history, M$ will look like an angel after Google gets done with us. Talk about too many irons in the fire. Lebron just can’t play all five positions at once.

    1. Fragmentation is impossible for Google to stop. Google does not make the hardware, therefor, they can not force the hardware companies to use the latest version. Its a trade off. If you want everything current at all times, you buy Nexus. The up-side with Android is that you get variety. You can choose from literally thousands of devices. With Apple you get 2 choices…5s or 5c…thats it…take it or leave it. Apple makes the hardware which gives them the benefit of being able to keep it current to a point. In the end its up to each user to decide whats more important to them. For me, its freedom to choose a device I like, an open source OS, and virtually unlimited customization. Bottom line fragmentation will always be an issue…that’s why I bought a Nexus 5.

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