Investment adviser: Apple’s iWatch will flop

“In the next few weeks, Apple is expected to flick its wrist and show off a new line of wearable computers centered around a watch,” Jon Markman, investment adviser, writes for Forbes. “The hype will likely be as unbearable as the device will be unwearable.”

“‘Smart’ watches are the Afghanistan of technology. Many companies have felt they have the key to win this seemingly strategic piece of territory lying between desktop, laptop and tablet and phone, and yet all have failed,” Markman writes. “It’s no wonder, as the wrist has proven to be very inhospitable territory ruled by its own rules of culture and habit. Every smartwatch so far has proven to be a really dumb gambit for reasons that are so simple they seems to be beyond the reach of the geniuses who run tech companies.”

“Most people don’t want a health monitor on their wrist. They already know they are out of shape, have high blood pressure and have erratic heartbeats. They don’t need to be reminded of that every time they look at their hands, and they certainly don’t need some bratty engineers in Silicon Valley who live on Red Bull and instant coffee to shame them into adopting better habits,” Markman writes. “The smartwatch is a solution in search of a problem. Tech companies like Apple want to sell them because they have run out of other ways to sell you their schlock, but that does not mean there will ever be a mass-market demand for them. I have a feeling I will still be writing about the smartwatch frontier ten years from now, when Apple releases v5.0 and swears they will get it right this time after repeated flops on the wrist.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed for future use.

BTW, what’s stupider than proclaiming an Apple product a “flop” that you’ve haven’t yet seen?

So far, iWatch is a magnet for idiots.

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    1. I didn’t read the article much past the first paragraph. iWatch speculation is the Afghanistan of journalism. Investor advisers keep trying to write articles like this and they all have failed.

  1. Been there. Done that. My drawer is full of sleep monitors, heart rate monitors, oxygen monitors, blood pressure monitors, temperature monitors…. BUT I WILL BE AMONG FIRST IN LINE FOR AN IWATCH!

  2. I’m completely amazed at the stupidity of investors. Apple has not even announced such a product even exists and yet this dumb idiot is already claiming that it will be a failure.
    How can you make up such stupidity? He has no real specs, no product to test, no software to run. So how can something that does not exist fail? Just don’t understand making up stuff and then calling it a failure on Apple’s part.

  3. History suggests that the Apple naysayers will get it wrong; probably very wrong. But history also suggests that no matter how wrong the are, these “investment advisers” will keep their jobs and inflated salaries no matter how wrong they are.

    In a nation ruled by the dollar, and where corruption is insidious, this is to be expected: every aspect of politics and business is corrupted from redistricting to the stacking of the courts and the creation of wars. Nothing in the US works as designed any more – money rules all.

    In this ocean of chaos Apple stands virtually alone as a beacon of excellence: it is only natural that those who dwell in the dark fringes of the money world never tire of trying to shoot Apple down.

    Plus ća change…

  4. I stopped wearing a watch 20 years ago. With cell phones and clocks everywhere, wearing a watch just seemed redundant. However, a smart watch with health sensors, now that is a different matter. I believe I’d fork out the money for one of those if it was designed well and did lots of cool stuff.

    One hope I cling to is that the iWatch will have an idiot sensor. If I know I’m approaching an doofus ahead of time, I can avoid them and therefore keep my blood pressure under control.

  5. Yeah. Flop like iPad, right. I’ll get one. Or two (for my wife). Or four (for our kids). What if it gives me GPS knowledge about my family members whereabouts? Yeah. Flop, flop, flop, flop. I’ll take four.

  6. All this talk of watches being obsolete! I am a techy person, with lots of gadgets, and I have 8 watches. I do not wear them all at once, but I will admit to a passion for timepieces. I have a wonderful ship’s bell that is 100% mechanical that chimes the bells of the watch, and have an app that does the same thing for me on my iMac and my iPhone. I will wait to see what, and if, Apple produces in a watch, before I run my yap on what is wrong or right about the idea!

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