World Cup fever takes over Apple’s App Store

“World Cup fever has descended upon the iOS app store, both globally and in the United States,” Lucas reports for AppFigures. “Apps designed specifically to follow the world’s largest sporting event are surging up the ranks with none benefiting more than the official FIFA app.”

“The official FIFA app, which was ranked in the 400s or lower just in May, has now gone to the top of the charts,” Lucas told MacDailyNews via email.

“Univision Deportes and watchESPN, two apps that offer live streams of first-round matches, have kept pace with the official FIFA app,” Lucas reports. “As of June 16th, these three are ranked one, two, and three in the US Sports category as well as one, three, and seven in the US Top Overall category.”

Apple App Store World Cup fever

More info and charts in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Beautiful Game eventually takes over everywhere; it’s just a matter of time.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Glenn M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hope that more Americans love to both play and watch soccer. It is the worlds most played sport (forgive my bias opinion – also the greatest sport ⚽️). GO USA!!!!

      1. I think it would be dependent of both preference and individual taste. We tend to like that which we grew up both playing and watching. Let us not forget that the largest percentage of viewers for American football (NFL) are female. Where the women migrate to, men tend to follow. GO USA on all sports!!

          1. We like it. It’s American. It’s an American sport and we like it. If you like a sissy sport like soccer, so be it. That’s your choice. But yellow cards and phony injuries are ridiculous. Every two minutes a soccer player is lying on the ground crying like a baby. Shameful. That’s embarrassing.

    1. I just love the fake dives where they look like they are at death’s door. Then they jump up for the free kick like a miracle has happened.

      I laugh my ass off at Foot Ball. All it’s good for is dryland training for Hockey Players.

  2. Great, but I would never ever download a FIFA app. FIFA is a bunch of corrupt old men – worse than all the evil of Google and Microsoft combined

  3. 3 Things:
    I’ve been watching/Following World Cup soccer since the late 70’s. And BY FAR THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING WORLD CUP EVER – I’ve watched every game – and I can say – maybe 4-5 were stinkers – and all the others have been so exciting – goals scored in the last minute – goals from insane angles, goals from unknowns, and pure magic from the knows. Even the refereeing is mostly OK (first Brasil game excluded). So EXCITING TO WATCH
    2nd: FIFA App – great app – but it needs a preference to turn off the scores as sometimes I can’t watch the game until I get back from work – and nothing is worse than knowing the outcome of game and then watching it on TV.
    3rd: WATCH ESPN has been a life-saver! I have DirectTV and tried to use their Genie Go app – and it sucked wind. Popped over to Watch ESPN on my iPad – and BAM – in HD – i can literally watch any game at any time from anywhere! I love technology!

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