Analyst: No impact to Apple iPhone from Amazon ‘Fire Phone’

“What Amazon’s Fire Phone means for Apple… The short answer: not much,” Steven Russolillo reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“At least that’s the takeaway from perennial Apple Inc. bull Brian White, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, who commented immediately after Inc. unveiled its long-awaited smartphone,” Russolillo reports. “‘Although we expect the Fire Phone to receive plenty of media coverage, we do not anticipate any impact to Apple’s iPhone franchise,’ Mr. White wrote in a note to clients. ‘With a long history in computing, we believe Apple is unique in its ability to develop hardware, software and services that work together seamlessly.'”

Russolillo reports, “As Mr. White notes, Google GOOGL -0.53% generated plenty of buzz when it launched Nexus One in early 2010 as well as new products from Motorola Mobility more recently. ‘History has proven that entering the mobile device market is tough,’ Mr. White says. ‘In our view, today’s announcement represents another attempt by Internet-related players to compete in the mobile device world. These initiatives have left Apple unscathed in recent years.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Believe it or not, we’re iPhone users (Day One, all flagship models) and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever tempting to us in Amazon’s Fire Phone. Amazon’s pretend iPhone is for whatever ignorati that Android fails to scrape up.

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    1. Well, long-awaited is kinda accurate. People have been calling this for years, after all. I mean, it’s not like I’d say it was long-anticipated (anticipation implies people would actually want it), but the world has certainly been waiting for Amazon to unveil a phone that’ll go all Facebook Phone on them.

      And seriously, I expect it to do exactly that.

  1. It’s really quite simple-
    iOS and scamdroid ALREADY HAVE AMAZON APPS that work great for price scanning, barcode scanning, and Amazon site reviews and product pricing etc etc….
    I don’t care about 3D and FirePhone will NEVER beat the Apple ecosystem continuity factor that grows with each iOS release….

    1. So the near 50% drop in AAPL immediately after the introduction of the iPhone five was due to a bad product? Has to be if we go by your logic (?). Selective criticism on your part. Typical fanboy rant. Hey goofy, the Amazon phone isn’t meant to compete with the iPhone or Samsung phones. It’s just meant to drive sales at Amazon. It’s a gateway to get people to buy more products through I think it will fall flat on its face. And it won’t take long. It will quickly become irrelevant. Just like your skewed observation of everything that Apple does. SilverHawk eh? Nah, you’re a phony.

      1. Eagle 1:

        Comparing a market defining, highly anticipated, redesign of something original to a “sales device” that’s 5 years late to ANY friggin market at all makes you a pedantic dodo bird yourself. That plastic phablet butt plugs causing you some chafing there?

  2. Is there any differentiating factor(s) to this device to make people want it? Since price and technology aren’t factors, who’s going to want it? The fact that you get a free year of Amazon prime? That might be the only thing that would make anyone choose it. Doesn’t sound like much incentive to me. If you do even a little shopping on Amazon, the cost of the Prime account pays for itself quickly via zero shipping on many items. Not sure what Amazon’s thinking is as to how this will significantly add to their bottom line.

  3. Hi and thanks for this Articles,
    There is no doubt Iphone industry is growing day by day. I am currently using Iphone 5 and i am big fan of Iphone, I will love to purchase Iphone 6 because i hope that this phone will be awesome same like Iphone 6, On the other hand there also few defects in Iphone 1st of all i am continuously changing my Iphone charger and 2nd their battery is not good as other brands.
    I was very difficult for me know that want to know that how to repair an Iphone. I think they also have to focus on battery issue.

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