PC Magazine: 20 cool new things in Apple OS X Yosemite

“Apple OS X Yosemite — the tenth version of the operating system already named OS Ten — is due to arrive in the fall as a free upgrade, usable on just about any Mac manufactured since mid-2007,” Edward Mendelson writes for PC Magazine. “It’s a classic Apple-style upgrade: Despite dozens of changes and new features, you won’t need to relearn anything to use it. But if you own an iPhone or iPad, you’ll find that your Mac and iOS device will work together in ways you never imagined. When both Yosemite and the forthcoming iOS 8 are on your devices, you’ll be able to answer your phone on your Mac, or start a mail message on your phone and finish typing it on your Mac.”

“With each previous version of OS X, Apple made minor tweaks in the interface. This time the whole system gets a visual makeover to bring it into the flat, non-skeuomorphic modern age,” Mendelson writes. “As usual, Apple takes the prize for fit and finish. Yosemite looks spacious and relaxing in a way that no other OS can match, with unparalleled integration among its built-in apps and networked devices.”

“We explored an early preview version of Yosemite on a 15-inch MacBook Pro, with a Retina display that showed off Yosemite’s clean, precise look. We weren’t able to test the new features that connect OS X with an iOS device because Apple hasn’t yet supplied test devices with iOS 8 installed, but you can expect a follow-up story on iOS 8/Yosemite integration before lon,” Mendelson writes. “These integration features include an Instant Hotspot that lets you convert your phone into a wireless router that your Mac can use to connect to the Internet (just make sure you’ve got a generous data plan). Another feature lets SMS messages you receive on your phone also show up on your Mac. Stay tuned for more details. For now, we’re going to focus mostly on the Features we were able to at least get a peek at in the new Apple OS X Yosemite. Read on for 20 of our favorites.”

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  1. How is the above mentioned Hotspot feature different than what is currently available? We can do this now, right?!?! Works best currently, (ranked from fastest & lowest overhead to slowest & highest overhead) if directly connected via USB, then WiFi, then Bluetooth. Right? So what will change, anybody know? Also, what about those of us who still have ATT Unlimited Data Plans? Thanks in advance.

    1. Yeah it’s instant without any configuration as long as your phone is in range and both devices are signed into your Apple ID. That’s what is different about it. Watch the keynote.

    2. All I want to know about the hotspot.. What about us AT&T unlimited data guys?
      I’m sure this will be a major argument with AT&T and apple. AT&T will have to disable the ability, or charge us.. For what others get free.

      Verizon lost a huge lawsuit for doing both. (Turned Bluetooth off on the phones sold, them *charged* the customer to reenable it..)

    1. what superlatives? it’s a random list of tweaks, all of them uninspiring.

      flatter icons, spotlight in the center of the screen, more annoying notifications pop-up crap. calculator and calendar redesigns. Nothing here fundamentally makes the OS more efficient nor more legible, nor more intuitive, nor more pleasurable to use. The file system remains antiquated and, yes, inefficient. Security features such as enhanced firewall controls are still missing. Simply speaking, the fluff that Apple has added since Snow Leopard has been overwelmingly disappointing. It’s long past time that Apple stopping dinking around with superficial stuff in OS X and fundamentally updated it for the current decade. Apple hasn’t, and the last several OS X releases make that very obvious. Those who think doodling in Preview is an amazing advance forward, go ahead and gush about it. Those of us who work with out Macs are not impressed.

        1. Paul is spot on.
          Real OS X development is at a near standstill.
          The add-on stuff is great, but hardly groundbreaking.
          It’s like a video game, they can upgrade the weapons and power ups and add new levels but so what?
          The Finder gets a new lick of paint but will have all the same quirks, bugs and annoyances. We’ll still be stuck with grey boxes floating all over the screen and the same two choices of appearance color, and I can guarantee Apple will leave the Cut command greyed out, just for good measure.

      1. Has to be you Paul Thurrott.

        Maybe you should change the way you work. It’s not the individual features that matter as much as how they integrate together.

        Let me remind you how uninspiring Windows is and has always been. How many times a week do you have to reboot because of endless updates. How many of those updates end up crashing or corrupting some of your apps. Why is Windows to pathetically insecure.

        And why are you commenting when you clearly don’t use a Mac?

        Oh, another Windows troll wishing he had a Mac but still stores his files on a 3 1/2 floppy drive!!

      2. Either you’re a troll, or you have not yet tried the beta of OS-X 10.10 Yosemite. If you have not tried it yet, as I have, it’s premature to judge and pontificate.

        I suggest you look at the two demo videos in the linked article below about Handoff, a feature of Continuity, one of the most interesting new additions to Yosemite. You may not comprehend it, but the number of protocols that had to be created to make this happen so seamlessly is nothing short of amazing.


        If you are not happy with OS-X, perhaps I could suggest Linux for you, or Windows Vista. I’m sure you’ll just love those.

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