Frictionless fruit: Apple offers users unmatched convenience

“What Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, presented on June 2nd, at the company’s annual conference for software developers in San Francisco, were upgraded operating systems, one for its Mac desktops and laptops and another for its mobile devices, plus a new programming language,” The Economist reports. ” These, combined with other moves to nurture the Apple ‘ecosystem,’ should make its offerings even more attractive to both developers and consumers—and even more formidable to its rivals.”

“Apple’s pitch is greater convenience,” The Economist reports. “The operating systems, OS X Yosemite for Macs and iOS 8 for mobiles, will do more than improve on the current versions when they are released in the autumn. (Developers and enthusiastic amateurs can play with a ‘beta’ version already.) They will allow devices to work together seamlessly. An e-mail started on an iPhone or iPad can be finished on the desktop. If your iPhone rings, you will be able to take the call on your Mac—in effect, using it as a speakerphone.”

“Not only does Apple promise friction-free computing; it has customers who are likely to use it. They upgrade eagerly, either by buying new gear or by installing new software on old stuff,” The Economist reports. “Mr Cook boasted at the conference that 89% of Apple’s mobile devices were on iOS 7 and 51% of Macs on OS X Mavericks, the current incarnations. In comparison, he gloated, only 14% of Windows personal computers were on Windows 8. And a mere 9% of mobile devices with Google’s Android operating system had the latest variant.”

MacDailyNews Take: It ain’t bragging (or boasting or gloating) if you can back it up.

“Although Microsoft’s new boss, Satya Nadella, is bursting with bright ideas about a ‘mobile first, cloud first’ world, the firm has a lot of catching up to do. As for makers of Android devices, they lack Apple’s control over the operating system and the app store,” The Economist reports. “The biggest of them, Samsung, plans to sell a smartphone based on its own operating system, Tizen—probably as a hedge against reliance on Google. ‘This is something only Apple can do,’ purred Mr Cook this week. For now, he is right.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “For now” might as well be forever.

And, “purred?” Seriously?

The Apple wannabes and those who settle for knockoffs are coming to a sad realization.

There’s only one master of vertical integration in technology: Apple. And they have a nearly 40-year head start.

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  1. “For now, he is right.”

    “The biggest of them, Samsung” just shut down there android stores cause no one was interested so “For now” is going to last a loooong time

  2. Cote: “MacDailyNews Take: “For now” might as well be forever.”
    Nice idea, but forget about it: NOTHING can be forever… Whatever had a beginning will have an end, for sure!
    Nowadays Apple rules… hopefully for a good while. Let’s just enjoy it while we yet can.
    Doesn’t mean that any M$, Samsung, Google, or any other will last so far…

  3. I just watched the presentation. One thing is very apparent to me. You can tell Tim Cook has been studding Steve Jobs presentations. He attempts to emulate Steve in gestures and delivery. He has gotten a lot better at this than in previews Keynote presentations. Also, Apple has probably settled in Craig Federighi as their main presenter. The guy has charisma and a unique presentation method that is light yet engaging that other executives at Apple do not have.

    1. I’m sure that the reason that Mr. Federighi was given the spotlight (no pun intended) for this one is that he is the one responsible for software. He was terrific, no doubt, but I’d be willing to bet that they’ll hand it over to Mr. Schiller this fall for the hardware presentations. 🙂

  4. How Apple is leveraging both iOS and OSX to work seamlessly has no equivalent on any platform. MS could emulate it, but not easily. Android is lost since it does not have a sister OS to work on desktops. Apple is doing exactly what needed to be done to put even more distance between it and the competition. They even took a page from Google and blatantly copied features from Android. The glove came off a long time ago. Apple is finally hitting Google were it hurts, search. By using Bing as the default search engine and all sort of alternative services that do not relay on Google.

    1. Well, they could do it. Google has Android on mobile and Chrome OS on laptops. Microsoft has Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. They can both do a rushed copy of Apple’s “Handoff” within the year – I would be surprised if they didn’t try. They will have problems trying to copy it, a major issue being the very small market shares of Chrome OS and Windows Phone 8.

      Interestingly, none of these OS’s share a common OS core (kernel and developer frameworks) – which is a pretty big disadvantage to Apple’s common iOS and OS X core. This makes it much easier and more seamless for Apple to share software between its mobile and laptop OS’s.

    2. We have the choice in iOS 7.1.1 to use Google, Yahoo or Bing as the Safari default search engine. It would be nice if we could put in whatever we like, because all of those are turning into crap advertising tools.

  5. Only competitor with the cash flow to match Apple vertically is … Microsoft.

    But we don’t see MS entering the broad vertically integrated hardware market … yet.

  6. Good for Tim he can boast an 89% adoption rate of iOS7.

    But in the streets and villages of my daily orbit, with rare exception most I know either tolerate or dislike 7. And some have switched to Android.

    So yes, they are technically on the books as a registered user in the 89 Club.

    But how do they FEEL about it?

    Ahhhh, now that is the lost in space crowing rooster metric.

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