Number of Americans watching TV online soars 245%; iOS apps surpass browsers for watching TV for shows and movies

“Whether it is binge watching House of Cards or catching old episodes of Family Guy on Hulu, Americans are watching significantly more television from their smartphones and game consoles,” Jennifer Booton reports for FOXBusiness.

“This trend – preferring the on-demand features of online video over traditional cable TV – has been growing for years, but new data show a recent acceleration as consumers move more of their lives online and the industry tweaks how it delivers content to users,” Booton reports. “Online TV consumption across all devices jumped 245% year-over-year, according to a report released this week by Adobe, with March 2014 setting an all-time record. Game consoles and over-the-top devices, which act as a conduit for streaming content from sites like Netflix, saw the widest growth at 539%.”

“Viewership is also turning more mobile, with apps for Apple’s iOS surpassing browsers for the first time as an access point for shows and movies,” Booton reports. “With more than one fifth of all pay-TV households in the U.S. now watching TV online across multiple screens, the traditional TV industry has been forced to rethink how it delivers content. ‘The TV industry is moving through a rapid transformation,’” said Jeremy Helfand, vice president of primetime for Adobe.”

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  1. I’m just not watching TV period. I pay over $100/mo for DirecTV, just to sit there. Mostly playing video games, keeping up with what my kids are up to. My wife reads Facebook for news about Ukraine and watches her favorite shows on YouTube.

    There are a few shows that we watch on TV seasonally. But TV is is deep trouble.

  2. The number is only going to continue to go up. I do not know anyone who watches live television other than sporting events and maybe news, Cable companies are resisting even as sucriptions continue to go decline. Seems all they want to do is get rid of Net Nuetrality to make up for it that way.

  3. Me too! I can even airplay my local morning news from their website to my Apple TV. And for some unknown reason, they do not broadcast ads from their live website stream. I would venture to guess that the advertisers do not pay for webiste airtime, so they don’t get it. Much better for my viewing!

    1. Also, I airplayed some interesting stuff from the NOVA Science website last night. Many networks provide episodes of their programming on their websites. And the few series that I do like to watch — I buy a Season Pass from iTunes and am still saving a mountain of money over a cable plan.

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