Apple drops Google for Bing as iOS, OS X default Spotlight search engine

“Microsoft’s Bing search engine celebrated its fifth anniversary on Tuesday, a day after it made big gains against rival Google on Apple’s software platforms,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Microsoft launched Bing on June 3, 2009, with the mission of offering better Internet search results than search engine leader Google. To celebrate the 5-year milestone, Microsoft offered up a gallery of some of its most popular and notable Bing home pages,” Seitz reports. “On Monday, Apple executives showed how they have integrated Bing into the new Mac OS X release called Yosemite. Apple revealed that it has dropped Google in favor of Bing for its desktop search app called Spotlight, Search Engine Land reported.”

Last year Bing became the default web search for Siri, and will now also be the default web search provider in the redesigned Spotlight search feature for the next generation of iOS and OS X. We’re excited about extending the Bing platform to help iOS and Mac customers find what they need to get things done.Stefan Weitz, Microsoft Bing director of search

“Google is still the default search engine on Apple’s Safari Web browser, but speech-recognition app Siri and Spotlight search are two workarounds that bypass Google,” Seitz reports. “In April, Google led search rankings with 67.6% market share, followed by Microsoft with 18.7% and Yahoo with 10%, ComScore said in a press release. Microsoft’s gains in the past five years have come almost entirely at the expense of supposed partner Yahoo.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on August 8, 2011:

Google will rue the day they decided to get greedy by working against Apple instead of with them.


    1. For those living in a cave, DDG = Duck Duck Go which is a search engine that doesn’t track your results, doesn’t show you ads, and doesn’t skew your search results based on which companies paid the search engine the most money.

      1. Thank you for the explanation. I do not live in a cave and I have heard of Duck Duck Go but had no clue what applepostle meant by DDG. I guess I have some unconnected neurons.

    1. …As you post this on YouTube.

      I definitely prefer Google to Bing search and use YouTube every day. I just can’t stand Android and that mess of crap phones and tablets. It looks like Google will eventually lose because of it’s Android decision. They had everything as an iOS partner and, instead of improving products and services, chose to compete with their close partner.

      1. The ironic thing is that Google has worked on Android as protection for mobile advertising for itself, yet Google’s own results and testimony in court cases show that Google gets very little ad revenue from Android. In fact, Google gets more ad revenue from iOS devices than Android devices, which supposedly are more popular or at least in more devices.

        Google is wasting its resources developing Android. It would have been far less work and much more beneficial for Google to partner with Apple, blackberry, etc. on their mobile devices.

      2. If there was an Android vacuum Windows Phone would most likely take over, that would mean microsoft services going to most smartphones. It was smart of Google to create Android and secure their future. As with apple going Bing, Iam willing to bet most people will opt to use Google as their search engine

  1. Steve had come to loathe Google, which he felt was copying features of the iPhone while withholding a key feature of Google Maps that allows smartphones to dictate turn-by-turn directions aloud. Jobs also discussed pulling Google search from the iPhone, but figured that customers would reject that move, according to two former Apple executives.

    1. It is not about Evil percentage – It is simply that they have no moral compass and $ is the only thing they care about similar to the idiot on Shark Tank saying it is always about $ (I am glad I am not in his household).

      1. Well… to exist a business must make money. That is, after all, the primary reason why people form businesses. My problem with Google is that they’re so obsessed with data mining that they often cross the barriers of privacy. Microsoft likely isn’t any different. As they see their importance shrinking, they will want to engage in the same data mining that Google does. From my experience, Bing has sucked. It may well be great for other people, but it hasn’t been great for me. Google still maintains the best search engine in my opinion.

        1. Some businesses exist only to make money. They will do anything they think they can get away with as long as it fattens their wallets. (Put list of companies here….. MS, Goog….)

          Others exist to please their customers. They figure if they do that right, the money will follow. They want to be socially responsible and helpful to the community. That may/may not decrease their total money, but they see it as a responsibility, knowing they are going to do OK anyway.

  2. I’m not exactly all that excited about this. I’m very Anti-M$ as it is, so to me, the most logical thing to do is switch over to Yahoo. I really love their services, and was pleasantly surprised when they created Yahoo Widgets. (You will be missed 🙁 . Besides, Marissa Meyer looks better than anyone at either company! An Apple/Yahoo joint partnership is like a dream team to me. 🙂

  3. Bing is my second choice for a web search engine. I’m very happy that my first choice, “DuckDuckGo” will be one of the default options in Safari in Yosemite rather than having to use an extension.

  4. I’m not exactly thrilled about the Bing choice. This very much reminds me of American foreign policy principle of “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Many examples exist in history, most vivid the one where Americans supported, trained and armed the Taliban during their uprising against the Soviet military intervention of the late 70’s and 80’s. Or Manuel Noriega in Panama.

    Microsoft was just recently a biggest threat to Apple’s existence, so going to bed with them now, in order to keep Google at distance is a questionable move.

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