MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote address

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address today, June 2nd, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

Apple today will stream the company’s WWDC Keynote live via Safari browser and Apple TV. Live streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later. The big event starts today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT here: Open it in one browser window and this page in another to comment on the proceedings in real-time.

While Apple will announce new hardware on Monday, the focus will be on software – specifically iOS 8 and the next version of Mac OS X.hereThe Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, June 1st, 2014

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) gives developers an in-depth look at the latest in iOS and OS X. Developers can learn from and be inspired by more than 100 sessions led by Apple engineers, get help from Apple experts through an extensive set of hands-on labs, and connect with fellow developers from around the world, giving them the opportunity to create their very best apps.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s keynote on this page. We’ll see you back here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

Live notes from Apple CEO Tim Cook’s WWDC 2014 keynote address in reverse chronological order:

• End of WWDC 2014 Keynote address.

• Cook: I hope everyoine has a huge conference. Enjoy the week!
• Cook asks Apple employees to stand up for thanks (audience applauds)
• Cook: We want to create a seamless experience for our users than is unparalleled in the industry.
• Cook: with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, iOS and OS X devices work together in harmony
• Cook recaps announcements.
• Cook retakes stage

• AAPL: $627.00 Down 6.00 (0.95%) @ 2:54PM EDT

• iOS 8 beat available to devs today; Public release “in the fall.”
• Swift gives devs access to all of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
• Swift code-writing demo…
• Swift kills large classes of common mistakes (goto, etc.)
• Swift: Closures, generics, multiple return types, namespaces, etc. (big applause)
• New programming language: Swift. Fast, modern, safe, interactive. It’s Objective-C without the C.
• Xcode. The toolset for building all Mac and iOS apps. Objective-C was the language for 20 years.

• SceneKit enhanced for casual games
• SpriteKit enhanced in iOS 8. Makes casual games more fun with Light sources, field forces, and more

• Metal is a stunning breakthrough. Coming with iOS 8.
• Metal demo. Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games…
• Metal examples: EA’s Plants vs. Zombies demo. 1.3 million triangles ont he screen at a time. Console level comes to mobile
• Metal: Replaces OpenGL. Up to 10X faster. Lets devs access the GPU most effectively and efficiently
• CloudKit: Free to devs (with limits). It’s for server-side work.
• HomeKit API: Common network protocol – secure pairing, control individual devices, works with Siri – control with voice
• Camera APIs now available to devs
• Touch ID API: Third-party developers now have access to Touch ID
• iOS 8 allows for third-party, system-wide Keyboards
• Users download app, and that app can contain a Widget for Notification Center (ESPN, for example)
• Third party apps can now provide Widgets that go inside Notification Center
• Extensibility: Interoperability between apps. Extensions live inside app’s sandbox. Other apps can talk to those extensions
• Federighi back on stage: Over 4,000 new APIs in iOS 8 SDK

• iOS 8 SDK – the biggest release since the launch of the App Store
• TestFlight: Deves invite users to beta test apps for free in TestFlight
• App previews: Deves can make short videos of features
• App bundles: Users can buy multiple apps at discounted price with one tap
• Editors’ Choice apps now tagged with logo
• Continuous scrolling in search lists
• Trending Searches
• App Store gets “Explore” tab to help users find apps
• 75 billion apps downloaded
• 1.2 million iOS apps now in App Store
• Tim Cook retakes stage: iOS for Developers

• China: vector-based maps, turn-by-turn nav and more coming for China in iOS 8
• Siri: “Hey, Siri” activates Siri – no touch needed.
• New iCloud prices: 5GB free, 20GB $0.99/mo., 200GB 3.99/mo.
• New built-from-the-ground up Photos for the Mac (coming next year for OS X Yosemite, sneak preview today). Built with iCloud in mind

• AAPL: $623.18 Down 9.82 (1.55%) @ 2:16PM EDT

• Demo of Photos for iOS 8…
• Photos app also brings new editing features
• Photos gives you beefed up search (search for location, time, album names)
• Every photo you take available on all of your devices – your device has access to more photos in iCloud than you can store locally

• If kid tries to buy something, they get a message to ask parents, parents get message to approve or not
• Family sharing: Share the purchase of all members of your family (up to six family members on same credit card)
• Family sharing: Decide what to share among families (photos, calendars, shared reminder lists, Find my Friends, etc.)

• Patients data can be shared with their doctors
• Mayo Clinic: HealthKit is revolutionary
• Apple’s new Health app lets you monitor all of your health device data in one place
• HealthKit framework for developers
• Developers have ceated a vast variety of health-related devices, but their data all lives in silos
• Federighi: Health

• Federighi covers iOS enterprise features
• iOS Device Enrollment Program: You get you iPad in its shrink-wrapped box and when you open it up, it will automatically be set up for you enterprise
• Enterprise: iOS is a huge hit in enterprise. 98% of Fortune 500 uses iOS
• iCloud Drive: Lets you work across applications

• AAPL: $628.23 Down 4.77 (0.75%) @ 2:05PM EDT

• Federighi haircut joke involving a hedge trimmer
• All attachments from Messages thread easily accessible
• Tap to talk in Messages: Hold finger on mic button and talk to send an audio or video message
• iOS 8 Messages: You can name threads, add and remove people from group chats, leave threads, do not disturb, share your location (see people on map)
• iOS 8 delivers Continuity to iOS devices
• iOS 8’s QuickType: Predictive typing suggestions- you get suggestions for the next work you might want, just tap it. Much faster and it’s personalized – it learns from you – it is done locally for privacy – no keystrokes leave the device
• iOS 8 Keyboard: QuickType.
• You can search for news, restaurants, maps, movies, etc.
• Spotlight in iOS 8 now searches the same way as in OS X Yosemite

• During demo, Federighi shows photo of Jony Ive with his hair (Hair Force One)
• Federighi demos…
• Swipe a message you are composing down to access the rest of your Mail at any time
• Double tap Home Button now shows the people with whom you interact most
• Refined Notification Center. Added Interactive Notifications – reply to messages right in Notification Center, Calendar events, etc.
• Cook brings Craig Federighi back to stage to talk iOS 8

• Cook: iOS 8 is a giant release
• Cook: Today we’re announcing iOS 8
• Cook: We make our updates available to as many users as possible
• Cook: Android dominates the mobile malware market with 99% share
• iOS install base: iOS 7 is at 89% (vs. Fragmandroid: only 9% running latest fragmandroid version; 1/3rd running a four-year old fragmandroid OS version)
• Customer satisfaction with iOS 7 is 97% (ChangeWave). Unprecedented.

• Many of these customers were switchers from Android (“They had bought an Android phone by mistake and they sought a better experience and a better life.”- Cook)
• Over 130 million iOS customers are new to Apple (first Apple device)
• iPod touch over 100m, iPad over 200m units, iPhone over 500m units
• Cook retakes stage: Apple has sold over 800 million iOS devices

• OS X Public Beta program: sign up at
• OS X Yosemite for public coming “in the fall” for free
• OS X Yosemite developer preview available today

• Federighi welcomes Dr. Dre to Apple
• Federighi calling Dr. Dre from his Mac via his iPhone
• With Continuity, your Mac is aware of your iPhone and you iPhone is aware of your Mac
• Your Mac can dial a number from contacts or from a webpage – uses your iPhone, even if it’s lying about somewhere else in the house
• Your Mac can now take you iPhone calls
• iMessage now sends and receives from inferior non-iOS devices

• Instant Hotspot: Your Mac automatically set up your iPhone’s Hotspot. You don’t have to touch you iPhone.

• You can pick up what you’re working on – on any iOS or OS X device
• Continuity: AirDrop now works between iOS and the Mac’s OS X Yosemite

• Add captions, notes to photos before you email them
• Markup feature in Mail lets to markup images right in OS X Mail.

• Safari Tabs can now be scrolled thru horizontally
• Safari for OS X Yosemite demo…
• Safari for OS X Yosemite is the fastest of any major browser
• Safari offers increased Netflix video viewing battery life
• Open a private window, leaving the other Safari window alone
• New Safari Tab View – shows all tabs from all devices on iCloud account
• You can subscribe to RSS feeds in “Shared Links”
• Safari in OS X Yosemite: Smart search field shows you all of your favorites (you can also use the favorites bar as usual)
• Mail Drop: Instead of large attachments being rejected by mail servers, you can now send people attachments up to 5GB via Mail Drop (Mac seamless, lesser platforms get link to the attachment for download)
• iCloud Drive: iCloud documents accessible via Finder, you can store and organize all of your files via iCloud Drive – works with iOS and OS X (also works with Winblows)

• OS X Spotlight search – the elimination of dependence on Google proceeds apace
• Federighi ribs Jony Ive over “al-u-minium spoons with diamond-cut chamfered edges”
• OS X Yosemite Notification Center: Apps can export widgets, users can add them into Notification Center
• Federighi demos OS X Yosemite, shows off with Maps and Calendar

• Spotlight: Large search field in center of screen, more data sources from the Internet now included
• Notification Center also now has a Today view for an at-a-glace look – you can extend via Widgets from app store
• OS X Yosemite is the best ever, even more usable
• OS X Yosemite debuts “Dark Mode” to bring out what you’re working on
• New icons, new Trash Can
• OS X Yosemite GUI refined from bottom up; translucency plays a big part
• OS X Yosemite video now playing…
• New interface, big enhancements to apps and new “continuity.”
• Name: OS X Yosemite
• Craig Federighi takes stage

• Windows 8 is at 14%, and it was launched a year earlier
• OS X Mavericks: 40 million Macs now running – fastest adoption of any PC OS in history
• OS X and the Macintosh: Mac grew by 15% (vs. loss for Windows PCs) over the last year to installed base of 80 million
• You’re also going to see “The mother of all releases for developers”
• Today is about OS X and iOS
• 9 million developers, up 47% since just last year
• Cook congratulates student scholarship winners
• AAPL: $630.10 Down 2.90 (0.46%) @ 1:07PM EDT
• WWDC 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the conference
• Cook to developers: “Thank you very much”
• Cook: “Good morning, good morning, good morning!”
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to applause
• Apple starts with video honoring developers and spotlighting various apps
• Here we go!
• Jimmy Iovine taking photos of the crowd
• AAPL: $630.52 down 2.48 (0.39%) @ 12:51PM EDT


      1. Whoa, wait! It will be only seconds for the trolls to wing off…

        “Ugly”, “Unimpressive”, “Ungainly copy”, “Unified blah screens”

        The the impressive last wods, “Fire Time Cook.”

    1. It is difficult for an average persons (The press & analysts) to understand techs, as Warren buffet puts it, “I don’t understand what they are talking about, so I do not invest in tech stocks”.

    2. Now now breeze, you give way way too much credit to the analists, and whore street journanalists analists, most will never understand and be able to digest the news.

  1. Here’s my WWDC 2014 prediction: No matter what Tim Cook announces, MDN will be filled with comments about how the keynote was “disappointing” and how Apple “blew it”. There will be calls for Tim Cook to be fired.

    This will happen no matter what is introduced. Apple could come out with a device that grants its users immortality, and this site would be full of people bitching that the screen’s too small.


    1. My patience has worn thin Tim.

      Go back to manufacturing supply chain genius and find a CREATIVE VISIONARY to LEAD Apple

      Dump Jony for visual design, he is abstract and clueless.

      Sorry, fan boys and girls …

      It is what it is.

  2. All eyes on Apple today, Apple on the spot lights since the iPhone debuted in 2007. But don’t worry the next iPhone 6 would be able to cough up iDollar, iGold, iMansion, iGourmetDinner, iLove, iSmile, iCar, iBeautiful, iHandsome. etc.

  3. A live stream is a great way for Apple to sidestep journalists and bloggers commentary for clean first impressions.

    MDN should create a live chat beyond this basic comment section. That would compliment the live keynote wonderfully.

  4. The amount of morbidly obese in the WWDC crowd is depressing.

    Hint: You eat too fscking much and you don’t exercise. You’re going to die young, but you’re going to tax the fsck out of our broken healthcare system first. All because you have no willpower and are lazy fat fscks.

    1. It’s a myth that exercise will make you lose weight. This misconception is why so many people are obese and can’t lose it. They are getting misinformation from the government and people like you.

      The problem is what we eat. High carbohydrate diets are killing us.

    1. as with most Google stuff (e.g Goog glasses) the noise is more than the actuality.

      1) one is a rumour, worse than ‘beta’ like Goog glasses or crashing self driving cars…

      2) as the article points out there are many physical hurdles yet to be solved, keeping the satellites positioned etc.

      3) how are people going to access it?
      Sat. equipped phones? Sat. dishes on roof? Carriers to take the signals to redistribute?

      — two thirds of the world’s population earn less than $2 a day (even in relatively sophisticated Cuba the per capita monthly income is less than 25 bucks) , they live roughly where there is no internet now. So they can afford sat. equipment? Don’t think so.

      And most places where internet does not exist now are ruled by hostile totalitarian govt.s , they’re going to allow carriers to access Goog (spy) satellite feeds? Even China limits Goog search. You think Putin is going to allow Goog to beam stuff unsupervised over his territory?

      End of the day the initiative will like Goog glasses garner press but make no real difference to the world or Goog’s bottom line. If their solution was so good some other company would have jumped on it already as 1 b is peanuts.

      REAL advances are like apple’s 64 bit mobile chip and the new Swift coding language shown today . They garner less hype but in the end means more.

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