Apple’s HealthKit aims to unite wearables and fitness apps

“Apple is getting itself into the growing health and fitness app category with a platform called HealthKit and an app called, simply, Health,” Wilson Rothman reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The app will aggregate information from various third-party wearable devices and apps.”

“HealthKit will provide a lingua franca for apps to use,” Rothman reports. “It’ll also integrate with medical apps, such as one from the nonprofit Mayo Clinic, which would, with user’s permission, transmit data to physicians so that they can steer their care accordingly.”

Rothman reports, “Apple did not discuss its own health-related hardware development, though an ‘iWatch’ has long been expected, and the iPhone could potentially be used to provide some health information about its user, such as step count.”

Full article here.

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  1. Apple has got to stop naming its apps so generically that future search is significantly impaired. Ever try to search for help on a “numbers” function or “pages” feature? Good luck wading thru the irrelevant results. “Health” will be an even worse experience.

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