Apple Retail Store architect Peter Bohlin on working with Steve Jobs and glass

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Principal Peter Bohlin discusses working with Steve Jobs and the architecture of Apple’s stores.

He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

Steve would be involved in everything, and those are the greatest clients because, in a way, you’re trying to get at their nature and their heart.

We first met at Pixar and he hired us to do Pixar [headquarters]. And he said, ‘I hired you,’ I’m paraphrasing, ‘because, Peter, you do really good large building and you do really great houses.’ Now who else but Steve Jobs would say that; think that.

[For Apple Retail Stores], the first one that we used glass was SoHo. And it was the first two-story store. It was in the old post office down there. And, so, how do you get people to go up? That’s a great challenge in retail. And we made a glass stair. That was the first one. [We used glass] to make a place that was very much in the nature of Apple. You might call that “branding.” – Peter Bohlin

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  1. “you do really good large building and you do really great houses.’ Now who else but Steve Jobs would say that”

    One can only assume that Steve’s point of reference was Bill Gates’ house, which Bohlin Cywinski designed.

    1. She talked no more than any other interviewer I’ve seen in 30 years. The guy is getting on and the pace of the conversation naturally waned. Her job was to prevent the ADD audience from getting bored, and she did just fine.
      Armchair experts…

  2. The comment about the “woman” interviewer makes it about gender vs. just the interviewer’s style/experience. If it were a man doing the interview, I doubt there would be any comments about the interruptions. Or if the person being interviewed was a woman, there would be such attention on the interrupting. Pay close attention next time you are in a group conversation.

    1. I can’t speak for everyone here, but for me: interruption is interruption, I don’t care what the gender is. I’ve seen plenty of male interviewers interrupt; it’s always frustrating, especially when the person being interviewed has some interesting things to say.

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