Apple’s iAd Producer now supports full-screen iPhone ads

“Following a series of software releases over the last week including OS X 10.9.3, iTunes 11.2, Safari 7.0.4, and Podcasts for iOS, Apple has tonight released a point update to its iAd Producer software in the developer center,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“The previous update to the software was released earlier this year in March,” Hall reports. “The update includes, among other improvements, support for full-screen iPhone banner iAd creation.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. banner |ˈbanər|
      (def 2)
      2 a heading or advertisement appearing on a web page in the form of a bar, column, or box: to get a new banner now, click Step 1 | [ as modifier ] : a banner ad.

  1. I don’t want full screen ads (or any ads) on my iOS devices, either. But what did you think Apple was going to do when it acquire iAds?? Shut it down and given the money back to the shareholders?

    The best that we can hope is that Apple keeps its iAdvertisements under control and limits them from being too intrusive or annoying. But Apple is going to continue selling iAds. As consumers, we need to let Apple know when they are approaching the limits of acceptability.

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