Apple leases 290,000 sq. ft., 7-building campus as ‘Spaceship’ campus construction continues

“Apple has agreed to lease a seven-building campus in Sunnyvale where the tech giant could move about 1,450 workers, according to city documents and commercial property sources,” George Avalos reports for The Oakland Tribune. “The deal is the latest sign of a remarkable burst of expansion by Apple. The tech company is busy leasing offices in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara at the same time it undertakes the construction of a massive 2.8 million-square-foot ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino that could accommodate 14,200 workers.”

“In the most recent expansion, Apple intends to occupy a 290,000-square-foot office complex known as Sunnyvale Crossing that is near the corner of Central Expressway and North Wolfe Road. Menlo Park-based Lane Partners bought the complex and then proceeded with a renovation to transform the decades-old buildings into a state-of-the-art office center,” Avalos reports. “Documents on file with the city of Sunnyvale show that building permit applications have been filed for the seven buildings in the campus, which is being marketed by Cornish & Carey Commercial, a realty brokerage.”

“In 2012, Apple leased two large buildings in Santa Clara a short distance from the Cupertino border as part of an expansion to that city,” Avalos reports. “Apple had insisted on leases in the three-to-five-year range at its various expansion sites in Sunnyvale, but now is signing 7-to-10-year leases, according to multiple people familiar with the deals. Those sources say the project in Santa Clara is one of those longer-term leases.”

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      1. The tale of two realities. I believe Apple is building and growing on the site that once held HP. Today, HP stated they were laying off another huge bulk of employees. This is Apple with it’s OS X and iOS vs old school IT (Microsoft Windows, HP, Dell, IBM, …)

        I do not believe people really see what is happening. They hold on to what they believe is real. If you question their opinions, they can ask SIRI on their iPhone and iPad to back their belief that Apple is loosing. Really?

        Seeing isn’t believing anymore.

  1. There’s going to be a huge commercial real estate glut in the surrounding area, once the “spaceship” is completed and Apple’s employees move in. Cupertino’s business areas may resemble a ghost town.

    Then again, by that time, Apple may need its fancy new HQ building AND all of the existing leased property. 🙂

    1. Did you not hear that they are building their mega campus, where they will consolidate ALL staff? It takes some time to build that thing, though, so they now have to TEMPORARILY lease other space.

    2. You must not be familiar with the area. 40 year old 1700 sq ft houses in Cupertino, Mtn View and now Sunnyvale bring more than a million bucks, often two mil. Plus you cannot just buy up them and convert to commercial. Apple, Google, and Facebook are only some of the folks buying the old aerospace facilities. Real estate is insane. A house I used to own in Mtn View, I paid $125k for in 1979 just sold for $1.72 mil. The only thing different is the last owners took out the swimming pool it had when we bought. Golden is the term for RE here.

    3. Apple was in over 40 buildings in and around Cupertino prior to the 1 Infinite Loop campus being built. Then as the company grew again more and more properties were getting leased, which is what led to the planning for the new campus.

      To follow your advice and fire Tim Cook would likely mean the company would shrink back into just the first campus, probably not what you were hoping for.

  2. Wow. I wonder if Tim Cook will assign someone sitting in these seven buildings, or the 15,000 employee iHole itself, to fix the broken IMAP email problem in Mavericks. Now a FAIL for six months.

  3. I’m not sure if this was by choice or just by whatever was available in size at the moment, but this massive lease is NOT in Cupertino, but in Sunnyvale. So, when Apple leaves this space (upon completion of the Space Ship campus), the glut of vacant real estate will be Sunnyvale’s problem…

  4. Pathetic facilities planning. Instead of designing a campus that can be built incrementally and filled as space is finished, Apple is sinking $5 billion into a huge hole in the ground. The cost per square foot is higher than a Manhattan high rise. Worst still, Apple won’t be able to house everyone in the donut when it is finished. Apple will still be stuck leasing office space in Sunnyvale. Whoever is making the facilities decisions is slow and stupid. Didn’t Apple have any idea how many office seats it would need 5 years ago? It’s not as though Apple has been churning out amazing new products, apparently Cook and his team are spending all their time tweaking the design of the curved doors for their new arc-shaped offices. STUPID.

    1. And your experience running such a huge corporation is… what, exactly?

      Apple operates a little bit differently than every other company out there, you know. There is actually intentional separation of some functions from the facilities of other functions.

      Sales divisions headquarters were separated from R&D facilities many years ago. Partly secrecy and partly a growing need for R&D on the main campus.

      It’s all perfectly logical, and one could make a case for, it’s working just fine thank you very much.

    1. Building offices incrementally seems the norm in a lot of places. The building where we work has been added onto at least 3 times. Makes sense to me.

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