Apple increases iWork for iCloud user collaboration capacity, file storage size

“Apple today has enhanced its iWork suite of iCloud apps to include much improved collaboration, new document options, and more file storage,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“iWork includes the Pages word processor, Keynote presentation marker, and Numbers spreadsheet manager, and it is likely that supporting apps for iOS and OS X will become available in the near future,” Gurman reports. “The new collaboration features allow for over 100 people to collaborate on a single file in either Pages, Keynote, or Numbers.”

Gurman reports, “Apple has also improved file storage on iWork for iCloud, allowing individual documents to be 1GB in size and allowing for individual image sizes of up to 10MB.”

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      1. The iWork ‘update’ deals a very serious blow to Apple’s credibility in business circles. As big a blow perhaps as creatives were dealt with the Final Cut Pro X debacle.
        Apple is deaf to the needs of real users, people who are foolish enough to trust them.
        You can blather on all day about M$’s shady business practices, but they did one thing right: Made Office ubiquitous.
        Ripping out features in software that Apple’s loyal customers use to make their living is unforgivable.
        Cook needs to go. Now.
        One star this if you agree.

        1. If every CEO of every company were sacked because of a mistake this serious and above, there would be no functional major corporation in the US.

          And PUH-LEASE stop with the “One star this if you agree”.

          1. Mac user for 20 years here.
            iWork IS crippleware. Apple simply DOES NOT CARE that people use their products to earn money. As noted, M$, for all its faults, does.
            Apple is big enough now to safely ignore core users, or even investors if they’re too few, or not left-wing.
            I *was* an Aperture user. Not any more. The app that should have been at the center of Apple’s creative pro suite has stagnated into irrelevancy. So now I have to use Lightroom.
            I *was* a Final Cut user. Do we need to even rehash that mess??
            I was just told yesterday to learn Adobe Premiere. Next step: The boss wonders why we pay extra for Macs when Adobe CC runs better and more economically on PCs.
            iLife, dumbed down and headed into oblivion.
            Maps, F’ing hopeless. Where Google has detail, building outlines and even individual floors detailed out, Maps has a freaking little dot.
            Shall we go on?
            Yamaha makes trumpets and bikes and amps. They manage somehow to do it all well. My bass is fantastic. Why the F can’t Apple execute on more than 3 things???
            Yeah so go ahead drones, one star this.

            1. Why the heck are you so angry!!!? It’s a computer company and software. That’s all.

              If you don’t like some decisions by Apple and have software that is better for you, great! Enjoy using that software. Have lots of fun. Earn lots of money. Be happy.

    1. Linking text boxes would be a contender for numero uno basic page layout function. Pages 5 – gone. What POSSIBLE reason could there be to take that out, and so many other basic functions?

      Wasn’t back, last I checked. Comments in the App Store indicate continuing major lacks and major dissatisfaction.

  1. … is iWork out of Beta, yet? Last I’d heard, it was still in Beta. That’s one of the reasons it’s free! And Sean? It’s FREE!
    Documents I am concerned about, and that I don’t NEED to “share”, I Open in an older version of Pages or Numbers. And I’m careful of how I Save them. Those do not convert to the newer format. Did you screw yourself by jumping in to uncharted waters? YOUR fault, not Apple’s.
    @Matt: could you be a bit more precise regarding your comment “… something that works”? If all you were muttering about is the sheaf of features that USED to be in iWork, but have gone away, then … yeah. I’m not happy about that either. But, (AFAIK), the features included DO work. Right? Or would you care to name one that is supposed to be included that does NOT work?

  2. Guys, I have a question. I have attempted to use Pages instead of Word. I save my docs created in Pages in Word format. BUT…when I open or another person opens my doc in Word, the format is off, spacing is off, etc. Anyone have this problem, OR am I doing something wrong. I would like to use all Apple products, and drop my subscription to Office. Thanks

    1. It ends up being a question of what you want to do with your documents. There’s always the RTF format which is going to be consistent on any platform. Microsoft has made the .DOCX format a global standard that can be supported in any word processor that cares to support it. Microsoft also provide a .DOCX translation tool for free for all platforms.

      But, depending upon the application you’re using, there may well be specific formatting features that are not supported between that application and Word.

      1. Vincent – I use Pages 4.3 to open from and export to Word a lot. It’s very good, most of the time. For basic to moderate documents, anyway. If you’re using “Pages” 5, I’m less surprised you’re having difficulties.

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