EFF credits Apple’s ‘remarkable improvement’ in protecting customer data from governments

“The Electronic Frontier Foundation [has] published its annual ‘Who Has Your Back?’ report that rates and compares how major corporations deal with government data requests,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The EFF’s ranking of technology company data request transparency is notable because the organization is the ‘leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world,'” Gurman reports. “The report ranks companies based on six categories: requires a warrant for content, tells users about data requests, publishes transparency reports, publishes law enforcement guidelines, fights for users’ privacy in courts, fights for users’ privacy for rights in Congress. This year, Apple received a star for each of the six categories.”

Gurman reports, “This compares to many other technology companies, including Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, that received stars across the board.”

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    1. Also getting all stars were:
      – Credo Mobile
      – Dropbox
      – Microsoft <– Hmm. Not from what I've read!
      – Sonic.net
      – Twitter

      Worst in class (One or two stars):
      – Snapchat
      – Amazon
      – AT&T

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