Apple and Samsung combine to take 106% of mobile phone profits

“Apple remained by far the most profitable mobile phone maker in the just-concluded March quarter with 65 percent of value, while all other competitors except Samsung either lost money or broke even, the latest research shows,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“While Apple took the lion’s share of industry profits in the first quarter of calendar 2014, according to the latest estimates from Canaccord Genuity, Samsung was in second with a 41 percent share,” Hughes reports. “Losses by Nokia, BlackBerry and Motorola, and neutral showings for the other biggest players, mean that Apple and Samsung together account for more than 100 percent of industry profits estimated by analyst Michael Wakley. Apple achieved this with mobile device operating margins estimated at 37 percent, while Samsung saw operating margins of 22 percent.”

Hughes reports, “Apple and Samsung have been combining for more than 100 percent of industry profits for numerous consecutive quarters, a feat possible only because their competitors continue to bleed cash and struggle to contend with market leading devices like the iPhone or Galaxy S lineups.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A reminder that this is a measure of the entire mobile phone market, not just smartphones. Apple dominates mobile phone profits with just three smartphone models. YKBAID.


  1. Please! First AI and now MDN

    It is not possible to have more than 100% of something !
    Proper headline would be….Apple samdung had 100% of profits and the remaining few had 6 loss.
    Bundling loss and profit in one number is meaningless !

    1. Yes, Yojimbo! I find this irritating and stupid. A moronic pseudo-metric that is now repeated over and over.

      No matter how much the other companies lose, Apple and Samsung cannot make more than 100% of the profit!!!

  2. The only other company that turns a profit on smartphones and tablets has been cited by multiple juries and judges in multiple countries for blatantly stealing Apple’s designs.

    That Samsung can’t design software if their South Korean presidential pardon depended on it makes me revile Google even more.

  3. I’m surprised the Korean citizens aren’t on the streets rioting over the global idiots they’ve made to look by the highly corrupt mega corporation known worldwide as Scamsung.

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