Apple Data Tapping patent accounted for 85% of its damages award in Samsung patent infringement verdict

“A jury on Monday finalized Apple’s damages award, leaving the company’s original $119 million figure intact,” Yoni Heisler reports for TUAW. “While Apple at trial asserted five patents, the jury determined that Samsung’s products infringed upon three of them. And from those three, one patent in particular accounted for the vast majority of Apple’s damages award.”

“Patent 5,946,647, otherwise known as the ‘647 patent, was initially filed in 1996 and encapsulates a feature known as ‘Data Tapping,'” Heisler reports. “The patent describes a method by which a device can detect certain types of data — i.e dates, URLs, phone numbers, addresses etc. — and subsequently present users with a list of clickable actions.”

Heisler reports, “Of the $119.6 million awarded to Apple, 85% of that amount ($102 million) resulted from Samsung products infringing upon the ‘647 patent.”

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  1. I said this in another comment, but it’s worth repeating…..

    The Bozo from Big Blue had this to say: “About the $2B, I’m not going to argue with them that it’s not fair, but we came to a different conclusion,” he said. “We came up with a different ‘fair and reasonable’” royalty rate.

    Hear that? He came up with a “fair and reasonable royalty rate”. His job is not to license out Apples technology! The REASON apple is in court is because Apple is NOT willing to license their technology. They want damages from Samsung for wilfully STEALING their technology. Who is he to license it out at a “fair and reasonable rate” as if Apples patents were SEP?

    This should be reason alone for a new trial! Come on Apple!!!

    1. A new policy is born in the US judicial system?: fair and reasonable “punishment” of thieves? Nice/a bit cute, but naive explanation.
      Lucy, Lucy, Lucy Koh (echoing), where are you? Looks like the judge’s failure of informing the jurors of their function

  2. How would you folks calculate damages? If I am willing to sell you my car for $10K and you take it without paying, I can sue you for $10K because that’s how badly I’ve been damaged. If I’m not willing to sell you the car and you take it, I can still only sue you for $10K, because that is all it is worth in economic terms. The legal system is not about giving victims emotional satisfaction, but about restoring their financial condition. The jury wasn’t asked to punish a thief, but to determine how much money Apple lost due to the infringement. If these particular patents as used by these particular Samsung handsets were worth $120MM, then that is what Apple lost.

    1. So that’s the max punishment for theft in your world? Just taking back what was stolen???

      No, that’s merely restoring what was stolen. There also needs to be JUSTICE. Samsung has profited MIGHTILY from their theft of Apple’s IP. In addition to simply paying back the value of what was stolen, they ALSO should have to give up at least some of the profits on devices that infringes….and/or those products should be banned from the market.

      Otherwise, where is the deterrent from stealing? In your world, my only punishment for stealing a car would be that — IF caught and found guilty — I merely have to pay for the car I stole. I’m not seeing any reason NOT to steal!!

      1. In my world, there are criminal courts that deal with thieves. However, they do not–ever–provide the victims with more restitution than their actual economic losses. In my world, the civil courts have the same limitations. If you live in America or any other modern society, the courts in your world work the same way. There might be criminal penalties for patent theft, but only in a criminal case… which this wasn’t. As I asked in another thread, if you don’t like the justice system, provide a detailed description of a workable, affordable alternative that will do a better job.

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