Leaked iPhone 6 molds provide more evidence that Apple is working on larger, thinner smartphone

“Front panels of the rumoured iPhone 6 leaked online earlier this month, so it was only a matter of time before the back panel made an appearance,” Victoria Woollaston reports for The Daily Mail.

“Photos of the supposed dummy moulds appear to show Apple’s next device with a larger and thinner case than the current flagship iPhone 5S,” Woollaston reports. “They don’t hint at anything that hasn’t been seen in previous leaks, but they do add to a catalogue of evidence suggesting Apple is heading into Samsung’s territory with its new design.”

“The rumours come amid claims Apple suppliers around the world are gearing up to produce the larger screens,” Woollaston reports. “Japan Display, Sharp, and South Korea’s LG Display have all been tapped to make the panels, and its thought they will begin mass production ‘within weeks.’”

Purported iPhone 6 mold

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      1. Seriously. And the reason Samsung’s phones were big in the first place is because they didn’t have the technology/know how at the time to build a smaller phone that had all of Apple’s features without draining the battery in 6 minutes.
        Apple always had phones this size. They release products when it makes sense.

        1. Right, and then size became a ‘feature, not a bug’, then this marketspeak trope leaked into the blogosphere, which fuelled the arguments of analysts and media tech nimrods

    1. Bigger screen also means more power used, more room for a bigger battery will compensate for that.
      Knowing Apple, It wouldn’t suppress me if they came up with some innovative tweaks in battery technology.

  1. What no one is mentioning is that before a final model is picked that there may be 2 or 3 serious contenders.

    All of them likely have short run tools to mold parts to properly mockup the phones.

    It is also possible that Apple deliberately molds a product housing which is “leaked” deliberately to toss off the Samsung Xerox machines.

  2. I really hope the current 5S size remains also. My wife and daughter likes the idea of a bigger screen but really dislikes the difficulty in using it with one hand. Much alone stuffing a 5″ in a purse or jeans. Unless you wear baggy pants and jeans all the time. Perhaps 4.7 is possible but the 5S is already maxing them out reaching the corners with one hand use.

    1. As I use my 4s primarily as a telephone, I am accustomed to operating it one handed, and I use a stylus for precision texting. On a business trip, I put it away on my person, out of sight, or in a handbag. The more compact the mobile device, the better. There will be 10-15% of users who like the bigger screens for media viewing. I would not be in that group and it sounds like your wife and daughter would also demur.

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