Why Apple stock hit a one-year high today

“Apple (AAPL) rose to a one-year high of $592.95 on Monday after a report from market research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech that the tech giant had increased its smartphone market share in several crucial international markets,” Andrew Meola reports for TheStreet.

“Apple’s smartphone market share in five major European markets of the U.K., Italy, Spain, France and Germany ticked upward 0.1% year over year to 19.2%. Growth in Spain was particularly noteworthy, as it increased to 7.6% from 3.1% in the same period last year,” Meola reports. “Apple’s smartphone market share also increased to 33.1% from 31.1% in Australia.”

Meola reports, “Apple’s market share growth in Japan surged year over year to 57.6% from 49%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That Apple blasted to a 52-week high today on a market share report only shows how pitifully little the average AAPL investor understands the company.

The “logic” of Wall Street: Apple gets rewarded for “achieving” something it isn’t even trying to achieve and ignored or, worse, punished for its actual achievements.

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  1. Check with 5 so-called experts about what caused a stock to move, and you’ll get 5 different answers. Nobody knows for sure unless there’s a major event like an earnings report. It’s all psychology, and momentum has finally turned in Apple’s favor.

  2. F***in’ best MDN Take I’ve read in weeks.

    Dammit, it’s all probably manipulation anyway. Apple has some momentum? Let’s run it up high and fast, then drop some FUD into the news and make a mint shorting the stock.

    It’s no wonder retail investors are running away from stocks.


  3. For me the big day was in January 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and talked about the patents as in “have we ever patented it”, the idea being that patents mattered. And of course the board of directors included the guy from Google. The phone was on the market in June 2007, and so I sold my 100 shares of RIM and bought 100 of APPL, the next day. So much for RIM: I told my broker that Apple was going to clean RIM’s clock, and so RIM’s management kept with its buttons and tried to buy a hockey team for Hamilton. It’s been clear ever since that Apple stock was a buy and hold, and it still is. It’s not even at its high of $700 despite the fact that the company is buying back stock in big chunks and has more to go.

  4. Apple could just buy Wall Street and shut it down. Nobody outside of GOOG, MSFT and SAMDUNG needs the Analism industry anyway so why not turn it into something useful like a hippie commune with the world’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

      1. No, you forget the disappointed bidders who drop out of the bidding when someone bids higher than they have, but who force the price of the stock higher. Ergo, there ARE more potential buyers than sellers.

        1. Nonsense. Potential buyers are not buyers. Only those who actually buy become buyers. For every share that is sold, somebody else is a buyer.

          I’ve been a potential lottery winner many times, but I’ve never actually been a lottery winner.

          The only relevance of potential buyers is that when there are more potential buyers than items for sale, prices tend to increase, while when there are fewer potential buyers, prices tend to decrease. However that’s all to do with supply and demand and is an entirely different matter.

          1. On the contrary nonsense. . . It is the entry of more buyers that force a stock’s price up, similarly the lack of buyers competing for the available shares offered by sellers tends to depress prices. Then there may willing sellers than buyers, perhaps a surplus of sellers and no buyers at all at the asked priced. It is how the market works.

  5. No idiotic report from any self serving nitwit caused the stock to go up. How these idiots can take credit for things they don’t understand is outrageous!

  6. It’s just plain fun to see the egg dripping off the face of the purveyors of all the analosity we’ve heard lately.

    And imagine the sick feeling the dolts had who sold AAPL by the barrel only hours before the after hours revelation that Apple released last Wednesday.

    In your face you feckless poltroons.

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