Google and SunPower to lease solar panels to American homeowners

“Google Inc. continues to pour money into renewable technologies, unveiling a new program with solar-panel maker SunPower Corp. to provide financing to support about $250 million in residential solar-lease projects,” Ben Fox Rubin reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Google is committing up to $100 million in the program and SunPower is committing about $150 million,” Rubin reports. “Google touts over $1 billion pumped into renewable projects, ranging from wind farms in the Mojave Desert to a German solar facility and a transmission line for wind farms off the mid-Atlantic Coast.”

Rubin reports, “The Internet giant has also signed contracts to buy hundreds of megawatts of renewable electricity for its data centers.”

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  1. So Google and Nest will be collecting both energy consumption and energy production information from oodles of consumers.

    Of course they will want you to have a Gmail-G+ account, too.

    Nothing wrong with scenario that I see as it is transparent.

  2. Let’s at least applaud them for helping steer our energy future in the right direction. If we’re going to not fry the planet, we need to drastically cut CO2 now!

    1. So maybe we need to reforest to use up excess CO2 and build more tree wood which has an ultimate good use through its entire lifetime and then afterwards.

      I sincerely doubt in our lifetimes that Asia is going to reduce its CO2 output. China was opening one additional coal fired power plant every week last time I heard.

  3. BoC – china seems to be recognizing its reliance on Coal comes with consequences. They have jumped on the nuclear bandwagon with both feet, building lots of big new nuke plants.

    Perhaps this is trading one environmental nightmare for another, but it SHOULD help clear the air and lower CO2 levels…

    1. China will blow out a nuke plant, no doubt.

      But I will point out that China has attempted to plan out modern nuke plants that burn both nuclear waste and Thorium. This type of plant CAN’T blow and none of its materials can be used to make nuclear weapons. I hope they succeed. At the moment, progress in nuclear plant design is at a near standstill, with ye olde crap designs from decades ago remaining the dangerous status quo.

  4. All this stuff is a hoax to find new ways to run your life. One volcano, can do more climate change in seconds than we can in decades.

    But somehow we’ve managed to survive slews of eruptions over the course of history an the planet is still here and will still be here long after we’ve destroyed outselves more than lkely..

    All Google is doing is pouring money into a cess pool, there will never be enough ways to capture enough solar energy to truly make any difference. And even solar energy has a cost in the amount of land you have to cover with panels, the thousands birds that like wind farms, get killed by the energy collectors..

  5. Leasing solar is a scam. You don’t get the tax credit, they do. You pay slightly less for the power than you do from your utility.
    If you sell your house you have to buy out the lease or get the new owner to assume it.

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