Apple just spent $2.8 billion on the next big thing

Apple’s latest 10-Q filing with the SEC “revealed a $2.8 billion jump in commitment for things like new manufacturing equipment, research and development, marketing and product tooling,” Wall Street Playbook writes via Seeking Alpha. “Now with rumors about an iTV, an iWatch and all sorts of possibilities, this investment could be allocated for any number of directions. You may wonder, what’s the big deal? These off-balance sheet commitments are not out of the ordinary.”

“This would be true, except the $2.8 billion doubles what Apple spent for all of 2013. And here we are only with four months of the year having elapsed,” WSP writes. “So while, some may scoff at the fact that the $2.8 billion figure includes the typical investments such as internet and telecoms services, that it far exceeds last year’s total tells me that the company is preparing to launch something big. And it won’t be the typical enhancement/upgrade to an existing category.”

WSP writes, “What’s more, the hint is that the filing shows a 30% jump in research and development costs, which, in the quarter, reached $1.4 billion.”

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    1. To star in that possible David Fincher’s Steve Jobs movie that’s being talked about because Leo DiCaprio and Christian Bale Just. Don’t. Cut It.

  1. Again, Apple will introduce a new product which has been firmly researched, engineered & tooled for high volume production which no other company is willing to commit to do.

    You don’t do these types of multi-billion dollar commitments on a whim.

    Now, will Samsung will try to instantly copy it and sell it for half price?

    1. “Now, will Samsung will try to instantly copy it and sell it for half price?”

      This isn’t a question, it’s a fact. It won’t be half priced but you can bank on it being half-assed.

    2. Samsung ‘sell it for half price’ Nah!…

      BOGO is their way to go so as to increase market share, profits be damned, so it will look as if the populous goes for their version of the slavishly copied Apple product!

      Apple, you’re in court already, can you add a pre-emptive addendum in your lawsuit with Samsung for further Samsung Next Big Thing Is Already Here patent infringements?

    3. I know what it is! It just came to me in a Jobsian flash if insight. Think about it. Apple must improve on some ubiquitous item that everyone takes for granted is unimprovable. . . and give it that Apple boost, that perfection, that unity of purpose, that converts it to the ideal tool that in its ultimate simplicity it defies convention!

      What better product to announce than . . .

      Wait for the grand “there’s one more thing. . . ”

      “The new Apple iDuctTape—it just sticks!”

      1. After three weeks of exhaustive copying. . . er, creative innovating . . . Samsung released their new flagship product: The WiiStick2 2S Eco Tape Green System 3D.

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