U.S. Appeals Court ruling revives Apple patent claims against Motorola Mobility

“A federal appeals court on Friday revived some Apple Inc. patent infringement claims against Motorola Mobility, but the ruling could deal a blow to a separate case the iPhone maker is pressing against Samsung Electronics Co.,” Brent Kendall and Don Clark report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday gave Apple a new chance to press legal claims against Motorola, ruling a trial court misconstrued an Apple patent related to touchscreen technology,” Kendall and Clark report. “The court also ruled a trial judge wrongly excluded expert testimony at trial in which both Apple and Motorola were seeking to make claims the other owed monetary damages for patent infringement.”

“The appeals court, however, rejected Apple’s preferred interpretation of another one its patents, adopting a narrower interpretation of the invention covered by the patent,” Kendall and Clark report. “That patent, which deals with recognizing and processing certain data on a touchscreen, is also at issue in a high-stakes trial under way in San Jose, Calif., the second in that courtroom in which Apple has alleged that Samsung mobile devices infringe its patents.”

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      1. And in another hint of what’s coming to her highness Cote, the supreme court just agreed to consider overriding Cotex’s decision to go ahead with the stat’s class action against Apple !

        Bend over judge cotex.

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