What to look for in Apple’s earnings on Wednesday

“Apple Inc. is scheduled to report its fiscal second-quarter results after the stock market closes on Wednesday. Here’s a look at what investors should be looking for,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch. “”

“Analysts surveyed by FactSet estimate Apple will earn $10.19 a share, compared with a profit of $10.09 a share in the same period a year ago,” Pimentel reports. “Apple’s sales of $43.7 billion are forecast to be slightly higher than the $43.6 billion the company reported in last year’s fiscal second quarter.”

“Investors will be looking for iPhone sales to increase above the 37.4 million reported a year ago, and sales of iPads to rise beyond last-year’s 19.5 million,” Pimentel reports.

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  1. If the actual figures are lower, AAPL will drop.
    If the actual figures are about the same, the market will say that the results were already ‘baked in’ and AAPL will drop.
    If the actual figures are a lot higher, the speculators will sell off and AAPL will drop. It seems that the only way to win is to sell short or something and of course, the market sets the price so AAPL will drop.

    1. Absolutely brilliant analysis, 313! Spot on!
      AAPL is, and has been for the past 20 months, dead money crawling. GOOG, AMZN, PCLN, FB, and even MSFT have seen significant gains during that period . . . but not good old AAPL. And my wife and I are hip deep in this stock. Seriously. Were it not for a reasonably solid dividend, we’d be long gone from our 26 year holdings in this our favorite tech company.
      Maybe later this year . . . . (Breath held)

      1. Yes, I agree about the dividends. Great. However often a year’s worth of dividends drops in one day in the AAPL price. Apple has dropped about 50 points in the last three months. That is equal to 4 years of dividends. Better than nothing, but not by much.

  2. When will Microsoft release their earnings from surface 2, the surface 1 was a $800+ million write off and I want to know if the surface 2 losses go how much over the $1 billion mark ( losses of surface 1&2 combined)😄😜😛

  3. My guess, OK dream. Best Mac sales ever. We all underestimated the Mac Pro’s production capability. They are still a month behind because they are outselling all tower computers. Best iPad sales due to high business adoption. Best first quarter for iPhone, YOY doubled. It could happen.

    No matter what we should claim iPhone 5S best selling in the world. 5C outsold all Samsung phones. iPad has 70% of world market. If anyone disputes it just say prove it. When Samsung, and the rest of Android OEM’s, tell their actual sales then we may believe them. Until then our guess is as good as theirs. Even if this was true Apple stock will still go down.

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