Google picking up some of Samsung’s legal defense in Apple case

“A Google lawyer testified on Tuesday that the software maker, pursuant to its contractual obligations, agreed to take over defense of some of the claims in Apple’s current patent lawsuit as well as to indemnify Samsung should it lose on those claims,” Ina Fried reports for Re/code.

“Apple played deposition testimony from Google lawyer James Mccoun, who verified e-mails in which Google agreed to provide partial or full indemnity with regards to four patents as well as to take over defense of those claims,” Fried reports. “Apple has sued Samsung for infringement of five patents and argued it should have to pay upwards of $2 billion.”

Fried reports, “Mccoun’s testimony included references to a variety of e-mails between Google and Samsung from between May and December of 2012 detailing Google’s willingness to take on Samsung’s legal defense.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In cahoots.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. While samsung is a bastard company that steals from apple, it’s fellow American company google that is the real thief and back stabber here. Without googles help samsung could not achieve what it did, there is no was samsung has the OS know how to compete with apples iOS. Googles Eric Schmidt and andy Rubin were one time friends and colleagues of Steve jobs, some strange bed fellows. It’s google who is the bigger criminal here, along with the stupid American lawyers who defend google and samsung 👿👿😡😡

  2. So Samsung is essentially receiving stolen goods and reselling them. Hmmm sounds like Samsun are fencing IP and making a packet off of it. Google as thief and Samsung as the pawnshop.

  3. Steve Jobs says to Schmidt, “I got the phones covered, we need Google to partner with us and you get to sell maps, search etc to the whole world, you will make lots of money snooping and stalking…because everyone will want one of these babies”. So what does Schmidt do? He picks Samsung instead of Apple and ends up making almost no money from Android. intact he enables every “Tom Dick and Harry” with android from which they get very little revenue. Can anyone explain where the logic is in all this?

      1. I have often heard the argument that Google makes no money on Android but it does not ring true.

        1. Google makes money — and a lot of it — indirectly on Android by selling information it gleans from users to advertisers. Sort of like Gillette giving its razors away free, to then make a fortune by selling replacement blades. The products are complements. You cannot use one without the other, and must look at both, together. Same for Android and “peeping Google”.

        2. Basic economics argues that a rationale party would not engage in loss sales, and cannot do so unless subsidized by other monies. Look at where those other monies come from to see the full picture of economic self-interest at play.

        3. Even if Google made no money on Android (which I do not believe), it does not absolve them of respecting other parties’ IP. If Google wants to use Apple’s IP, they need permission. And if Apple agrees to license-out the IP — which Apple is not required to do, by the way — then Google must pay whatever licensing fee is negotiated. Otherwise, the courts can tell Google to stop using the infringing IP as well as to pay-up for fees and damages.

        1. Good luck with that. Even with obvious pictures that MDN constantly shows, the courts, including the UK, remain unconvinced. You can’t have complicated arguments, you have to have direct thread to the to prove the crime and direct thread to the money made from the crime. Trying to pass through to Google and it’s search and ad revenue, no jury will be able to comprehend that.

        2. It seems that Apple lawyers and the courts aren’t aware of your view of the law. Perhaps you could email Tim and help him see your point of view so that the legal team of dozens of high paid Apple lawyers would move on your opinion of the law. It would really help Apple.

  4. Knowing how effective America’s government is, I highly doubt it. It seems to me that America hasn’t been all that kind to its citizens since at least the late 19th Century (which just happens to be around the same time America invaded my islands.) I can’t stay mad at Apple though, since Steve Jobs was a Syrian who was adopted by White Americans. America is just too corrupt to do anything, it seems.

    1. Since you understand the Syrian connection, I see you have compassion and the rudiments of understanding how our worlds have been demolished by insensitive conquerors. It is not only your islands and people who have been violated. Others across the wide planet share your desire for vindication. Because of this, war is eternal. Mayhap we can find a way to make peace.

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