Why you should buy Apple stock before iPhone 6

“Apple’s recent underperformance could become a thing of the past as a number of key events that will begin later this month could have a positive impact on its shares, most notably the arrival of the iPhone 6 later this year,” Andrew Tonner writes for The Motley Fool. “Investors would do well to take notice.”

“The first possible boon for its shares could occur next week when Apple reports its FY Q2 earnings, especially with the prospect of a dividend increase also looming large,” Tonner writes. “Beyond its impending earnings, Apple’s product pipeline is garnering more buzz than in the last few years for a few reasons. First, the iPhone 6 already has consumers’ interest piqued regarding the widely expected revamp of its form factor as well as a number of possible technical innovations that could serve as an exclamation point for Apple in what’s shaping up to be a relatively unimpressive year for smartphone debuts.”

Tonner writes, “However, Apple is also poised to introduce at least one new product later this year. Its widely rumored iWatch is perhaps the best bet at this point. Apple TV could also prove another point of interest as well.”

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  1. I heard that last time before the iPhone 5 came out and actually did buy some. Still waiting to regain back our money from that debacle. Good thing we bought a bunch earlier at $330 so still about even.

    1. If you’re planning on buying Apple stock based on a potential product release youre better off buying the rumor and selling the news. Especially regarding Apple. Philip-Elmer De-Witt has an article at his Apple 2.0 site with a chart listing AAPL performance prior to and after product releases. IIR, most of the time the stock takes a dive. AAPL is not for the feint of heart. Buy the dips and hang on for the long run.

  2. Look at the market. You should sell AAPL, not just before the iPhone 6 but right now unless you like to watch it continue down down down. It is just about where it was at the end of 2012. CDs would have payed more for those two years.

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