Apple’s about to kill Android

“Last Wednesday’s Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Demolish Android caused quite a stir,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “Nearly a week after publication the article still trends — when the algorithmic winds blow the right way — near the top of TheStreet‘s charts. Of course, the subject matter welcomes divisiveness… What the negative response is all about [is] hate for Apple. Because nobody could possibly love Android.”

“Instead of a starting price of $199 on a two-year contract (the way it is with iPhone 5s), Apple [reportedly] wants $299 as the introductory price point,” Pendola writes. “Apple focuses on nothing other than producing the best hardware it possibly can, regardless of what its “rivals” do. As I noted in the demolish article, do not confuse concern over Android with panic. If it was iPhone 5 or 5s would have been a large-screen model. But Apple has waited for a reason.”

“It wants to get it right. It wants to sneak attack Google. Killing Android with a scalpel not a sledgehammer and hatchet. Almost as if keeping Android’s trend line in the down direction was an unintended consequence. Something that just sort of happened as Apple was going about its business,” Pendola writes. “Apple wants to ensure that when it does a bigger smartphone screen, it not only does it right, but to an extent that makes all that came before iPhone 6 look and feel obsolete. That’s what Apple’s about to do with iPhone 6.”

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      1. Don’t mind IOS at all really, though iBooks is rather plain these days – I LIKED the woodwork!

        Battery life is an issue, so any improvements there are welcome.

        Only other thing is Maps, which needs a stick of dynamite, both in detail and speed. The so-called ‘3D’ is pathetic, and in any case available in so few places. Generally, it’s not a patch on the daily usefulness of Street View.

          1. I have to give it to you on the Calendar, it’s wretched, but the Maps feature works pretty damn well with one exception is cancelling an in-progress turn-by-turn which is a pain in the ass. But overall Maps works very well.

      2. “Shareholder since 2001- Apple customer since 1979”
        What makes you so hate it?
        1-Shitty little skinny icons that are less representative of function than what existed before.
        2-Ugly flat, pastel colors replacing aqua-type dimensional icons that clearly represented function.
        3-Blizzard of polar white on the UI that looked cool to hipsters for about 15 minutes.
        4-Undoing learned UI behaviors for no other apparent purpose other than to change stuff. Hipsters gone wild.

        Under Steve Jobs form was dictated by and followed function and was tasteful. iOS 7 is trend whoring (flat graphics and skinny fonts) dictated by someone’s bad fashion taste that forced function to bend to fashion.

        That is a good place to start when critiquing Jony Ive’s steaming pile deposited on the screen of every iOS7 sufferer. He needs to go back to his milling machines and injection molds.

        1. 1- “Shitty little icons…”? The icon shapes changed slightly, but they’re about the same size.

          2. “Ugly flat, pastel colors…”? I think the colors are really nice, and the lack of the “aqua-type” icons does not diminish my understanding of the function of an app.

          3. “Blizzard of polar white…”? Big deal! Get over it. I like the brighter appearance of iOS 7 versus the darker look and feel of Android.

          4. “Undoing learned UI behaviors…”? There weren’t that many UI behaviors that were changed. Swipe to unlock was changed, but it only took me about a day to get used to it. It was a total non-issue.

          Jony Ive sometimes makes design decisions that I don’t agree with, but I don’t make my criticism personal. If you had made your comments without the personal attacks, there would be more people who could respect your opinion even if they disagree with you. I’ve been an Apple customer since 1986, and I have see a lot of changes that I didn’t like, but I never launched into a barrage of personal attacks.

        2. Why resort to namecalling when a Shareholder lists obvious atavistic features on knuckle-dragging iOS 7. As a fellow shareholder, I too hate the look and functionless features of 7. UGLEEEeeee. Yes, AAPL made me enough wampum to buy a new phone. However, I REFUSE to support sys7 with even a penny of it. Will keep my 4S running system 6.x til it croaks, then hold my nose and get system 7. I have been an Apple fan since the 512 Mac. Only the 75 pound gorilla all-in-one Mac “molar” was as ugly as the iOS 7 interface. I don’t know ONE fellow Graphic Designer that doesn’t disparage the iOS “look.” Disliking the interface doesn’t make us trolls.

          1. Frankly, I didn’t really understand the hate for iOS 7 … until I got a new device and saw it for myself. Sure, it is “pretty”, but that does not mean that it is as functional (let alone _more_ functional).

            AFAIC, someone needs to poke Ive in the eye with a stick so as to permantly impair his vision back to 20/20 … better yet, with bifocals … so that he can see what his “MORTAL” customer base has to deal with as a consequences of his choices.

            In the meantime, I really hope that _someone_ at Apple is keeping track statistically for what percentage of their customer base has enabled “BOLD” and the other vision-assist options in iOS 7 in the customer’s attempt to make the current UI suck less.


          2. Big deal you’re a shareholder! That doesn’t earn you any special badge of honor here, or anywhere else. A lot of people are Apple shareholders. You say that you’re a shareholder as if your opinion carries some special weight that other people don’t have. We’re all Apple CUSTOMERS, and that’s what matters the most. Gripe about iOS 7 all you want, but if you’re going to make statements like “knuckle-dragging iOS 7”, you sound like an idiot. Just because you don’t like it, that does not mean that EVERYONE else does too. I think iOS 7 is great, and so do most iOS users. If you don’t like it, then go buy an Android or Windows phone, and shut the hell up!

    1. Im sure you could demonstrate.

      On a serious note it will be interesting to watch the fear in the droid eyes as the troll campaigns step up and the sleepless nights as the droidosphere ignites in inept efforts to copy all the things they deride publicly, you know rather like the 64bit processors and OS.

  1. If Apple starts a 16gb iPhone 6 at $299, there won’t be any Android killing. Just the opposite might happen, and let to door open for Android to get a bigger foothold. One concession I’d be willing to make if the introductory model of the iPhone 6 started at 32gb and a $299 price tag. That would be ok for me as I was probably going to buy the 32 gb devices anyway. Anything less and Apple is going to be hard pressed to get any money from me.

    1. I’ve been saying the *entry* level iPhone should start at 32GB. But if they go about it by following the letter of that statement but violating the spirit (e.g. 32 GB is indeed entry-level, but starts at $299) then there *will* be a backlash. It’ll still sell well, but numbers will be down.

      As the detractors of the 32GB entry-level iPhone said, not everyone uses 16GB, let along 32GB (as sales of 8GB previous-generation iPhones prove). So think how those will feel when they not only get more space they don’t need, but have to pony up an extra $100 to do so.

      1. I see Apple pricing it at $249 (the 32GB iPhone 6) and billing it as if they have lowered the 32GB by $50. They will likely subtly say they’ve eliminated the 16GB model, without mentioning that this raises the price point.

        I coud also see this making the 5C (or 6C) more relevant.

  2. With Blackberry virtually dead and buried, Nokia not doing much, HTC nosediving, Samsung caught up in fake sales reports and fake benchmarks and a very poor start for the S5, it seems the planets are lining up for Apple.

  3. I’m hoping that the increased cost will be for larger screened models, with a traditionally sized/priced model directly replacing the the 5s.

    Death by a thousand cuts to Android.

  4. Currently the 5S is 16GB – $199, 32GB – $299, 64GB – $399.

    If Apple introduce a larger screen format then they will still keep the current size as well with the same prices. The memory may be bumped up to 32, 64 and 128 GB.

    The larger screen sizes will likely be at a premium such that the top end model will be $499. But the memory will be 128GB.

    Remember that there will be a new form factor so the internals will only be modestly upgraded with the exception of the higher memory and possible A8 processor.

  5. With Blackberry virtually dead and buried, Nokia not doing much, HTC nosediving, LG so so and Samsung caught up in fake sales figures and fake benchmarking, it seems the opposition is ripe for the picking.

    But having said that, haven’t they already been picked?

  6. Even if they rise the price of iPhone 6 they can still lower the price on iPhone 5 or 5c and keep 5s.

    I think it’s a good thing Apple keep the top of the line a bit more exclusive.

  7. The writer of the article seems not to be uptodate, he assumes that there are no decent large screens out there when there have been some excellent ones on the market for a long time. If they come up with a screen that trounces everything out there it will have to be amazing. i may be wrong, but I think this is not waiting to get a great screen to the market, but failure to develop as quickly as others, after the Retina Screen did indeed rock our world. They are now playing catchup after leaving a lot of us waiting for a long time.

  8. The ignorant idiocy of the week continues:

    Apple [reportedly] wants $299 as the introductory price point

    …For WHAT exactly?! If it’s for an Apple phablet, a big-ass phone, then DUH-A-DUH Apple’s gonna charge more money! ! ! Analcyst disease.

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