iWatch: Apple is not here to entertain you

“Apple has only ’60 days left to either come up with [an iWatch] or they will disappear,’ analyst Trip Chowdhry told CNBC last month. ‘It will become a zombie, if they don’t come up with an iWatch,'” Jason Snell writes for Macworld.

“It’s easy — so very easy — to point at Chowdhry and laugh, because what he says is stupid,” Snell writes. “But it’s worth thinking about why Chowdhry and people who make similar proclamations about Apple (and the tech industry as a whole) are so completely clueless.”

“People want to be entertained by dramatic new product announcements and financial types are obsessed with future growth. Perhaps we can finally start to understand why people like Trip Chowdhry say stupid things,” Snell writes. “A bored financial analyst setting a 60-day Apple Doom Countdown is like a little kid holding her breath until she gets what she wants.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Trippy Chowderhead is “entertaining” in much the same way as watching a brain-damaged puppy eat pine cones.

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  1. Dear MDN,
    Where the heck did you pull that awful analogy from? I certainly hope no one has ever observed it first hand. As a dog lover, the image and saying is horrifying and tragic! Please consider a different analogy.

    1. It is an analogy. MDN is saying that Trip Chowdhry is as “entertaining” as something bad – like a train wreck. MDN is clearly not saying that a brain-damaged puppy eating pine cones is “entertaining.”

      Learn how to read.

    2. I think it’s an attempt at humour. I don’t find brain damage amusing, it’s the kind of thing a child might find funny though I suppose, until they grow up and realise that any of us could be unlucky enough to suffer such a horrible disability.

  2. Geez people quit being so sensitive. I am a dog(s) owner and love them to bits. However, it was just a phrase, ease up. The only thing offensive about it is MDN’s inability to spell ‘damaged’ properly….lol

  3. The beat goes on and on with increasing voices and volume. I have said over and over that NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER until the company has new leadership. Not a watch, not a bigger phone screen, not a better anything. It will all be dismissed, perhaps after some applause from the crowd still stuck in the pre Tim Cook era, until there is some chance that the Apple will emerge from the darkness that has descended.

      1. That’s because, Grigori, there’s nothing else to say. This is all there is. Until the lemmings around this site come to grips with that reality, you all are going to wake up one day and wonder what the hell happened. I’m telling you now what the answer to that question is. iCal this.

        1. “there’s nothing else to say”
          Saying it over and over… and over… and over… doesn’t make it any more interesting or convincing.

    1. Anyone who has a problem with a company that that is the envy of the world, makes more money than anyone else, and whose innovation is waiting to be copied by its competitors, is a certified moron.

  4. Anyone whose only interest in a company is based solely on increased future growth has absolutely no interest in the future of that company other than making a quick buck in the present.

  5. The reason it is so fascinating to see dramatic announcements like that of the iPhone or iPad is that those things are really hard and legitimately rare. If companies could generate those announcements every other month people would get bored of it.

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