Apple and the fall of Google, Microsoft – and the pursuit of money

“What sets Apple apart from other technology companies? Price? Clever marketing? Or, is it something else?” Kate MacKenzie asks for Mac360.

“Customers love Apple products because the company’s products often connect at an emotional level, a bond that’s not easily broken. Mac, iPhone, iPad. We connect,” MacKenzie writes. “Microsoft creates emotions in customers, too, but not always positive emotions. That lack of good will and lesser trust set the stage for a mass exodus of customers as the nascent mobile device industry exploded. In the pursuit of money vs. creating a product that customers love, Microsoft has been left behind.”

“Google has a similar problem. The emotions evoked by Google products (a term I use loosely, because in reality, you are Google’s product)– search engine, advertising, free applications, smartphones and tablets– do not rival Apple,” MacKenzie writes. “Just as Microsoft’s fall from grace was slow and steady, despite the riches, Google’s fall will be similar.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


      1. You’re right. It didn’t start out that way, but after jamming his head up his a$$ repeatedly, his anus is now permanently fist-sized (because his tiny brain didn’t require a head bigger than fist-sized).

    1. Not looking forward to that either. Given the fact the 5S was $100 more expensive that the 5 in AU, this isn’t a good trend developing. One things for sure, I’ll be waiting for the 6S. My 5S will still under Apple care till then so no reason to lash out.

    2. Folks have been clamoring for bigger screen, looks like there may be a price for it. Unfortunate, but it’s a business after all, i’m sure there are extra materials or processes for bigger screens.

  1. Assuming that this iPhone pricing rumor (along with the other rumors about the iPhone 6) are true, might this $100 delta apply only to the larger, “phablet” iPhone 6? Perhaps the 4.7″ version would slide in to replace the iPhone 5s at the same price point?

    Consumers get enraged about a lot of things. In the end, this is all just speculation (fun though it may be). My loyalty for Apple products is the result of generally great user experiences and trouble-free operation.

  2. Meanwhile, back to the article, finally: “Apple … building products that create an emotional bond with customers. That’s in Apple’s DNA.” as opposed to Microsoft or Google.

    I agree. This is what gets lifelong customers.

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