How Samsung and Google joined forces to steal Apple Data Detectors for Android

“Apple’s critics contend that it either doesn’t have innovative inventions worthy of patents, or has grossly overestimated the commercial value of its patents. Apple Data Detectors is one example that proves both ideas are wrong,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“Along with Slide to Unlock, Apple Data Detectors is one of the five patents Apple selected to use in its second U.S. patent trial against Samsung,” Dilger explains. “Apple Data Detectors not only represents a significant technology worthy of patent protection, but is also clearly valuable enough for Google and Samsung to have coveted for their own products, and strategic enough to motivate both parties to willingly infringe one of Apple’s most well-known patents in order to appropriate it for use without paying Apple much, or anything at all. ”

“We know Google and Samsung intentionally took Apple Data Detectors because both companies documented internal communications talking about what a valuable invention it was,” Dilger reprots. “Those documents were revealed this week in evidence submitted during the Apple vs. Samsung trial.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. Aw don’t sell them short, with the justice attitude of the States on patents, spying, industrial espionage, torture the U.S. is a full fledge terrorist nation. Justice for that losing empire will take some time to come, but it’s coming.

          1. And the longer I live the more I realize how irrelevant the twisting of those worms really is. I’m alive, I have learning and fun to do. I’m still part of the miracle planet Earth, our only home. FUD on the FUD.

      1. “Terrorist Nation?” You’re an idiot Road warrior and just showing you don’t know the first thing about what terrorism is. Go back to dreaming up all the conspiracy theories you want, but please don’t bring your drivel here!

        1. Oh my insult the messenger and blow smoke and mirrors. Tsk tsk tsk.

          First of all if they are conspiracy theories they are not coming from me:

          Spying: Snowden blew the whistle, well reported:

          Industrial Espionage, well reported:


          Torture, well reported:

          Now you might consider it to be drivel, fine that’s your opinion but listen up numbnuts and listen up good, I will as you call it bring my drivel here.

  1. Corruption to the core, with no accountability of these crooks, let alone due justice from the corrupt U.S. Government agencies that facilitate unbridled corruption of these IP infringing scumbags.

  2. I don’t understand why our judicial system allows this to happen. I also don’t understand why most of these media sites agree with these decisions and hardly ever expose Samsung and Google for what they truly are. Some things never change and its a shame that people are just as clueless as before. Specially existing and NEW iHaters of today. Just like the old Microsoft days.

  3. Memo
    To: Judge Koh
    From: Patriotic citizen
    Cc: Eric Holder, DOJ, White House
    Re: Samsung

    This is theft. It is NOT xenophobia. Please do the right thing and find them guilty, regardless of ethnicity.


        1. I was watching Eric Holder ranting at an equal rights convention ranting about how poorly he was treated at Senate hearings. Two shades of corruption who don’t like each other. So go beat each other up in the back alley, children.

          1. Holder is a special kind of crook. I believe he personally authorized operation Fast & Furious, probably at the direction of the president. We’ll probably never know because Obama has invoked executive privilege in the matter, and won’t disclose the information necessary to prosecute Holder. If Obama wasn’t directly involved he would throw Holder under the bus in a very short minute, but since Holder has suffered no consequences, I believe Obama is afraid Holder would squeal like pig if he was prosecuted. Thus, Holder is still AG, and the administration continues to stonewall.

            And no, I’m not one of those Obama haters from day one. I voted for him in the mistaken belief that he meant what he said. Now I know better. F&F, Libya, IRS, the list goes on and on demonstrating that this administration is as dishonest and devious as it gets. Obama is the Democratic version of Nixon.

            1. The United States government has always done, WHAT THE GENTRY CLASS WANTS! PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Most American’s appear too stupid to recognize. (and I’m one of them).

            2. “I appoint you for president, and you for president. Let’s pretend for the people that they have a choice. I don’t care which one of you wins, you will do what I want. No go to it!”

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