Faster next-gen Haswell chips due soon, could appear in upgraded Macs

“It looks like Intel will launch its Core ‘Haswell’ Refresh line of processors sooner than Computex 2014,” techPowerUp reports.

“According to sources in the IT retail, Intel could launch these new chips, led by the Core i7-4790K, on May 10th in most markets,” techPowerUp reports. “Intel Core ‘Haswell’ Refresh processors offer marginally better performance over current Core ‘Haswell’ chips, at existing price points.”

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  1. Given the slow pace of Intel chip development, it seems Apple’s processors will overtake them in performance in the next few years. At that point, why stick with Intel?

    1. Please don’t make us go over this subject again.

      Kids: Apple is, for better or worse, committed to the Intel x86 CISC chips for Macs. That’s not gonna change due to the vast amount of x86 APIs now critical to all Mac applications. Blame IBM for this predicament. Any transition back to RISC chips, such as the ARM architecture, would be a horror because all that x86 API code would somehow, magically, have to come with it and OMG.

      iOS, thanks to the wonderful Mach/BSD kernel in OS X, was written specifically for the ARM RISC chips and it’s going to stay that way. iOS is never going to run Mac software. It has to run iOS software. Thanks to the wonders of RISC, it’s possible to emulated iOS apps on OS X, which is nice for the purpose of development. But it’s not going to work in the other direction, for the same reasons previously noted.

      There. I set the bomb. Here come the responses that no doubt will provide both added relevant information as well as lots of ignorant blahblah. I’m staying out of it as I have better things to do than play flamewarz gamez. See ya.

        1. Agreed. Apps don’t use x86 API’s as that’s handled by the kernel. And porting a kernel really isn’t that difficult as Apple demonstrated when it ported darwin to ARM.

      1. Apparently, people have turned of their sarcasm detector.

        And for those who still don’t get it: the joker meant it as a sarcastic joke. At this point, whatever is written about Apple, there will be a bunch of idiots who will make it to be a bad thing and would blame it on Tim Cook. The Joker was obviously making a joke at their expense.

  2. Derek Currie
    Please don’t make us
    Who’s us? Speak for yourself.

    Pc’s that use an AMD ( R I S C !!! ) chip, run x86 code with NO PROBLEM !
    I don’t know how a Pc with an AMD does it, but that’s not the point, the point is they DO it !
    Apple may use ONE chip to run ALL their stuff in the future.
    Apple hired at least one person from AMD. Gee, I wonder what that will bring?
    Maybe nothing or…
    Apple will use a AMD/ARM chip to run All it’s stuff, in the future.

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