Nine must-have plug-ins for Apple Mail

“In a recent story about simplifying your email system, I mentioned nine plug-ins for Apple Mail that I use to transform it from a fair email client into a much more powerful tool,” Joe Kissell writes for Macworld. “A number of people have asked me what those plug-ins are, so here’s my list.”

Nine must-have plug-ins for Apple Mail:
• Attachment Tamer
• CargoLifter
• DEVONthink Pro Office’s Apple Mail plug-in
• GPGMail
• Mail Act-On
• MailFollowUp
• MailTags
• QuoteFix
• SpamSieve

More about each Apple Mail plug-in in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Some of them come in bundles. So depending on the bundle and it’s “killer” app which inspires you to make the purchase, you may already have one or several of these plugins. For example, I already have CargoLifter. Maybe more.

  1. What does it matter what the price is? The question is, what’s the VALUE to you? If it does nothing for your work/play flow, fine. In that case, even $1 would be a waste of money. If it costs $30 and saves you a ten hours over the next five years, it’s a total bargain (presuming either that you get paid by the hour, or that you’d rather do something else with those few hours).

  2. The problem with plugins – especially nine of them – is when it comes to app update time. They work just fine until the app is updated (often many month later and you’ve forgotten about the plugins because they just work away in the background), then almost invariable one or more of them won’t play nice with the update. It’s not always easy identifying that a plugin is what’s causing your new troubles, and then finding and fixing the issue. I think long and hard before I install new plugins. Do I REALLY need them?

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