Quanta to build 65 million Apple ‘iWatch’ units in first year, Q3 2014 release expected – report

“A suspect new report out of China claims to have a great deal of specifics on Apple’s rumored ‘iWatch,’ namely that it will debut in the third quarter of this year and will include advanced sensors to detect a user’s heart rate and blood pressure, among other things,” AppleInsider reports.

“The sketchily specific details from China’s Economic Daily News, reported on Tuesday, claim that the supply chain for the device was recently finalized. The report states that Taiwan’s Quanta Computer has received an exclusive contract to build the device, with 65 million units expected to be built in the first year of availability,” AppleInsider reports. “The report also goes on to say that the glass screen on Apple’s anticipated wrist-worn accessory will be made of sapphire.”

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    1. and the electronics will be made out of electronic components, the watch will be worn on the wrist, and will include not only sensors for different bodily functions but a new feature called time. Breaking stuff

  1. I don’t like wearing watches. Can’t see how a smart watch will change that. Just like I don’t like wearing glasses and I see no desire for “Glass”.

    1. I don’t wear watches, earrings, tongue studs, ink-on-skin paintings or anything but clothes and my reading glasses.

      But watches remain a popular accouterment and Apple wouldn’t create just any big ass watch infested with crapware tethered to an iPhone.

        1. I know some ink-on-skin artists, and I admire them very much. Every youth culture has its deliberate uniqueness, and this is an example. My concern is that I like just being me without much in the way of decorations. I also remember growing up as a kid seeing all the old guys with WWII tattoos. I expect the ink looked great on them at some point. But we all age and the artwork ages with us. No thanks.

          1. I regret it now, but as a new grad I had two of Maxwell’s equations placed above my ankles by an artist named Viktor. It hurt, and I suppose that’s partly the point of a tat, but I left off the other two.

          1. No! I’m still here, I just had to create a new moniker, given the circumstances. But don’t worry, I’m even a bigger ahole than before! Not really, I’m a poser.

    2. Funny on that basis there would never have been a touch screen smartphone as there was practically 0% use of such a device. Oh and who the hell would have expressed a desire to carry a slab like the iPad around with them back in the day, many still don’t till they get to use it.

  2. A suspect new report out of China…

    I remember when Apple watching was fun. I remember when Apple kept it’s hand close to its vest. I remember when Apple technology reports were reliable.

    So much cack. (0_o)

  3. The report hazily alludes that the iWatch—whose design will possibly look exactly like the 65 million concept renderings that have been produced by 65 million aspiring designers over the past 65 million days, maybe—might be produced in a 65 million foot high tree-top workshop by perhaps 65 million Leprechauns, who fly to their worksite on 65 million Unipegacorns. Just 65 million nanoseconds after the report was released, 65 million self-proclaimed technology experts emphatically declared the failure of the device with 65 million exclamation points.

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