Apple to design its own LTE chips for iPhone 7; to be stamped by Samsung and GlobalFoundries, sources say

“Apple reportedly plans to form a R&D team to develop baseband processors for use in iPhones to be released in 2015 and will place the baseband chip orders with Samsung Electronics and Globalfoundries, according to industry sources,” Josephine Lien and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Apple currently purchases baseband chips from Qualcomm,” Lien and Shen report, “which then produces the chips at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), indicated the sources, adding that Qualcomm and TSMC will be affected if Apple decides to develop baseband chips in house.”

Full article here.


  1. Baloney… From this point on Samsung is out of the picture.

    The article is more a outputting a wedge between apple and it’s current supplier base. Anything that spouts from anyone connected to WS should be treated as agenda driven – ultimate goal is a spin negative for apple

    1. Agreed.

      Sounds like Samdung’s trying to throw out some bullshit because Apple is going to Taiwan suppliers instead. They just reported losing billions and market saturation so before their stock drops like a rock, throw out a bone with some made up story that Apple will be using them instead. Ah, I think not (at least I hope not).

  2. Reportedly?
    When is the press ever going to return to the verifying before reporting as a method to filter out possible deliberate baiting of its readers into an act of investing wrongfully or sucking in publicity on a false premiss?
    Having read the article on the link, it behoves any reader on this site to beware that the author reverts back to the position that it is unlikely that Apple inc. will do so on the basis that the current method works. I wonder if shares of Samsuck will bounce up on this false premiss, could that be the real purpose of the article?

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