Roundup and details: Everything about iOS 8 and OS X 10.10

“While Apple only officially announced its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, we have been reporting all of the known information about what Apple plans to unveil at the event over the course of the past few months,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Now that WWDC is official, we have compiled a roundup of everything we know about Apple’s next-generation iOS device and Mac operating systems below,” Gurman reports, “and we’ve also included some new tidbits not found in our earlier reporting.”

Gurman reports, “For iOS 8, Apple is retaining the same Jony Ive-designed aesthetic found in iOS 7 and is focusing on additions involving applications, services, and performance. iOS 8 will represent Apple moving into the fitness and health tracking world and it will mark a major milestone in Apple’s efforts to bring its mapping solution up-to-par with competitors from Google and Microsoft.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. My one & only request: In Maps, trash the light-grey-on-white secondary roads. Make them black. Thin maybe, but black.

    Try reading the map when it’s bright outside and your pupils are teeny tiny. You can’t.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t give a f*** about Healthbook? I don’t need yet another app on my iPhone that I’ll never use and can’t delete! I’m sure it’s awesome for those who want it, so make it a free download from the app store instead of something built into iOS!


    1. Goat simulator, you are right. Apple has UI cancer, ⅓ of its users don’t like it, and yet they are spreading it to iOS8 and OSX. Jonny Ive is more important to Apple than its customers.

      Jonny Ive has managed to make UIs controversial in a company that never had a controversial UI before. That is quite an accomplishment, but not one for which he should get a prize.

      1. Wow, a third of iOS 7 users don’t like it? That reminds me how 73.6% of all statistics are made up.

        There wasn’t much controversy surrounding iOS before, but only because the look/feel of iOS remained relatively unchanged for most of six years. iOS 7 was “controversial” only because ANY change to iOS would have been controversial.

        Some people just don’t handle change well.

        1. ecrabb: I’ve been using computers since 1979. Apple II (floating point) TRS-80 Model III, TRS-80 Model IV, Tandy Model 100, Kaypro, NEC, homebrew, two Dells, two iMacs, two brands of standalone word processors, and a mainframe. I’ve used AppleSoft, TRS-DOS, L-DOS, MS-DOS 1-5, Mac OS 6, 7, and OS X 4-9, Guardian, and I’ve been able to program in BASIC (several vendors), VisualBasic, C#, PHP, assembly language for the Z80, and TACL. I’ve used Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, Mac, and Windows, almost all versions.

          I’ve used a lot of user interfaces. I adapt well to changes in user interfaces. I relish change, when it is an improvement.

          But OS7 is the first UI for which I have a visceral hatred. There are not enough Terabytes on MDN’s server to list the reasons.

          1. I’ve been using about the same variety computers for exactly the same amount of time as you. I haven’t done a lot of programming because I’m a designer; mostly just Basic, Pascal, Lingo, Actionscript, and a little browser stuff over the years. Obj-C and Cocoa made my eyes gloss over when I messed with it.

            But, being a designer, and looking at iOS 7 with a very critical eye, I have no idea what the hell could possibly elicit such hatred. I haven’t seen such a big deal made about almost nothing since the bullshit that was “antennagate”.

            1. As usual, more opinion presented as fact. You know nothing whatsoever about me, yet you presume to know what I can appreciate as beautiful or not. Your ignorance is beyond astounding.

              To what “ugly square lines” do you refer? The ugly square lines from the likes of Mondrian, Mies Van Der Rohe, I.M. Pei, or Frank Llloyd Wright, perhaps?

              Clearly, you haven’t the slightest clue what the hell you’re talking about, and you’ve made it glaringly obvious that you’re nothing more than an attention-seeking troll.

            2. Apparently you’re new to this site. I’ve been her for years, and I’ve been plenty critical of Apple on many occasions. A fan boy I am most certainly not. You are however, a troll.

        2. I’m sure it looks like a stupid comment when you need things spelled out for you, Goatse. If you had any critical thinking skills whatsoever, you’d know the first version of iOS was brand new, so there was essentially nothing to compare it to! Is that beyond your comprehension?

  3. According to Apple, 87% of devices accessing the App Store are running iOS 7. My guess is by WWDC that will surpass where iOS 6 was last year (93%). Which is pretty amazing considering iOS 7 was a completely new look and feel.

    1. This is not amazing. People who buy new iOS devices get iOS7 like it or not. Quite a lot of apps require iOS7. And if you downgrade to iOS7 and regret it, you can’t go back.

      The adoption rate doesn’t measure the popularity of iOS7. It measures hardware sales plus the number of people who blindly trusted Apple plus the two or three people who actually like iOS7.

      1. Ken, it is pretty obvious that you hate iOS 7. I did not like it at first either. But I have grown to like the clean look to the point that apps on my Macs look old when they use wood grain and other styles that are no longer in vogue. So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I like the clean, minimalist look of 1OS 7.

        1. Most people do like the look. The numbers don’t lie. Nobody was forced to upgrade, and the vast majority of apps even still don’t require iOS 7.

          This whole idea that “most people don’t like iOS 7” that Ken and a few others are here are suggesting has no basis in reality whatsoever. It’s a complete fabrication. They’re a very vocal minority that’s been whining here for months whenever there is a story even tangentially related to iOS 7, or even with their arguments are a complete non-sequitur.

          I agree with you, by the way. When I pick up my wife’s old original iPad that she uses with her autistic kids, it looks truly dated compared to iOS 7. The look/feel is outdated and screens “ten years ago”. In contrast, iOS 7 looks fresh, clean, and modern.

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but my favorite phrase is, “there’s no accounting for taste.”

          1. More anecdotal non-evidence. Somehow, 75% of the people you know hate iOS 7 (results of your scientific survey to be sure), while not a single person I know hates it. Google “confirmation bias” and learn something about yourself.

            1. Your likening iOS 6 to a Cape Cod, and iOS 7 to Frank Lloyd is apropos enough, but what’s beyond ridiculous is attempting to suggest that the former is beautiful while the latter reflects a “lack of taste”.

              See, I have an appreciation for all kinds of design, styles, and tastes, and I don’t attempt to inflect my tastes on anyone. In stark contrast, your vision is myopic, and your mind closed to anything beyond your own preferences. It’s easy to see now why you’re reacting so childishly to the iOS redesign: You have a singularly ignorant, narrow-minded idea of what good design even is.

              If you truly think a Frank Lloyd Wright building has no soul, while a run-of-the-mill Cape Cod is “beautiful”, and aren’t even capable of recognizing the beauty in both, then you chose the wrong computer from which to buy your phones and computers.

  4. “For iOS 8, Apple is planning to overhaul its previously bug-riddled in-house mapping software.”

    bug-riddled?!? Maybe the first week the app was released. But, now, I rarely find an error or weird direction in the US. For a free app, it is flat out incredible. Any improvements are very much welcome. But, bug riddled…not here.

    1. I take a crucifix, garlic, holy water, and sunglasses to OS7’s UI every day, but I really, really like its turn-by-turn instructions. It needs an option to avoid toll roads, and then it is perfect.

      However, I find myself using Google maps in traffic. If the iPhone is on a dashboard mount, Apple Maps is too washed out. Also, it doesn’t distinguish between a road where traffic is flowing well and a road that has no sensors.

        1. If I were the only one who did not like IOS7’s UI, it wouldn’t matter. Even though I’ve been using computers since 1979, and I’ve been through zillions of UI changes, my opinion wouldn’t matter if it were just my opinion. However, it’s not just my opinion. An Apple employee told me, “We’ve never done anything this controversial before,” and the last I looked the feedback form for iOS was missing from Apple’s web site. They got the message but they won’t listen to it. Instead of fixing the problem, they are spreading it. Even if you are one of the three people who like iOS7, you’d agree that something is very, very, very wrong at Apple if one man is able to take the company in a direction that a large number of its customers don’t want to go.

          1. Would you stop with this totally bogus “one of the three people who like iOS 7” crap? You’re totally making it up, and you know it. Out of the dozens who regularly post on this site, there are a small handful of people like yourself who regularly take the time to whine about iOS 7. Coincidentally, the few people who whine about iOS 7 are unregistered users. Hmmm.

            Regardless, it’s plainly obvious that you and the other couple of iOS 7 haters are in the minority. I don’t care whether you can get over it or not, but stop posting your blatant fabrications about how nobody likes iOS 7.

  5. I look forward to WWDC to see what Apple will bring out. What ever happened to an up grade to the mac mini? They can also hold off on os 10.11 for awhile after they come out with os 10.10 since this will bring the looks of it up with the functionality of the os. There is also another reason I have, I just want to see os 10.10.10 version.

  6. That was exactly my point, Sherlock. WIthout data, we’re just making it up, aren’t we. You guys are making the assertion that nobody likes iOS 7, so the burden of proof lies with you. Of course you have none, and I’ve just stated so.

    I’ve only called a couple of people trolls, and it’s the “I hate iOS 7” whiners who make multiple posts day in and day out. I stand by my assertion that they’re trolls.

    As I’ve pointed out, I’ve made many, many posts over the years (as a registered user, I might add) criticizing Apple on certain products or features, and for a variety of decisions. I’m far from a fanboy, and the facts will back me up, so no matter how many times you want to call me a fanboy, that doesn’t make it true.

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