Jon Rubinstein as Apple CEO?

“If you follow the Apple (AAPL) sell-side analysts long enough you get to know their hobbyhorses,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “For Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster it’s Apple television. For Bernstein’s Toni Sacconaghi it’s Apple’s cash hoard. For Global Equities’ Trip Chowdhry, it’s Jon Rubinstein.”

“Chowdhry wants Tim Cook out as Apple CEO and Jon Rubinstein in. And on this subject, Chowdhry is like a dog with a bone. He first raised the idea last summer and hasn’t let go,” P.E.D. reports. “Once more on Sunday, in a note that mentioned Rubinstein 19 times. The ‘converged view,’ he wrote, ‘is that Apple does not have the capability to understand the competition and lacks the vision and ability to deliver new products; Jon Rubinstein understands what needs to be done and has the ability to deliver.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Trip is aptly named.

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  1. Cook was a good CFO. He’s a politically goofy CEO bent on forwarding the left’s agenda by lobbying the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage and telling shareholders who don’t believe the global warming crap to screw themselves. The writing is on the wall.

    1. Shows how much you know about Tim Cook and Apple. He was never CFO. He was COO. And Apple has always done what they believe to be morally right – this is not a new thing. For example, Steve Jobs gave a lot of equipment and software to education. If shareholders do not share the same values and beliefs as Apple, then Tim Cook is right. Find another company to invest in.

  2. I have yet to be blown away by Cook. He’s executing, yes. But I’ve. It seen evidence of executive genius, which granted is an awfully high bar, but come on; this is the worlds most valuable company, both by dollars (sometimes second) and most certainly by impact on the people of the planet and therefore the future of the human race. So yeah, I’d like to see an executive genius at the helm. If that’s t.c. I wouldn’t mind being shown convincing evidence of the fact.

      1. I as referring to Rubinstein not TC. I have no issues with TC. SJ would have had the same struggles with market saturation un-enforcable IP patents that TC has faced.

  3. The MDN “you are a troll if you don’t come here to blindly praise Apple and its hapless CEO” lemmings ask who if not Tim. Well, here you go! The once great company has a much better chance of coming out of the post-Jobs dark years led by anyone who has half a tech brain than it does with Tim. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that by now is just not paying attention.

    1. Ridiculous. The fact is most people with a “tech brain” make awful executives and CEOs. Jobs was an exceptional person who could see where technology could lead someone and convince other people of his vision as well.

      Jobs did NOT develop tech on his own once Apple was rolling. Even in the beginning, it was Woz who created the tech, and Jobs pushed him to create a business of it rather than give it away.

      Apple has thousands of brilliant tech people hard at work on projects. Per usual, Apple will release a new, category-altering product when it is good and ready, not when some idiot bloggers demand for it to be released. And if it’s not ready under Cook, it wouldn’t be ready under Rubinstein, Ivy, Jobs, Gates or anyone else.

  4. Why, for the love of God, are people referencing this shithead? Ever? There should be a universal cone of silence as far as he is concerned. I refuse to even type his name since there’s a chance that Google will crawl over this comment and add one shred of relevance to this bloviating assclown.

  5. Cook was not a CFO! He was the COO and then temp. CEO during Jobs illness.

    Jobs will not be coming back to save the company when they appoint someone else as CEO. Remember, Jobs hand picked Cook and he knew what he was doing.

    1. That’s pretty much the heart of the matter, nothing else needs to be said. People are panicking for no reason, searching for a golden calf. But all that glitters is not gold. Samsung still sucks- Apple is still great.

  6. Wow, astonishing, like this jouranalist Philip Elmer-DeWittless writing about Triping Chowdownhighanddhry as if he was some sort of celebrity.

    Gosh, forget the message, just shoot the messenger. Hey Philip, slow news day today?

    Oh we go the message? What that jouranalists are now going to write about jouranalists in order to attempt to promote them to celebrity status and pump their self importance because no one else with more than the slightest shred of dignity will do so?

    Yup we got the message that one has to go elsewhere for facts.

  7. Of course this makes me think that this guy wants Rubinstein in there because he’s had conversations w/Rubinstein about Apple and what he would do in that position. And I’m sure it’s all more dividends and everything else the Wallstreeters want.

    I’m always flummoxed by the folks who say there’s no global warming. If drilling and fracking are so awesome, how come the CEOs of the companies that do these things don’t have all these rigs on their own property?

    1. Scott, I too am flummoxed by all the Democratic politicians that give other peoples money away to charity but nary a cent from their own pocket, unless they are running for high office and have to show their tax returns. Then you will begin to see some generosity. Maybe those Dem politicians and those CEO’s of fracking rigs are birds of a feather?!?

      1. I’m also flummoxed as to how all these folks who keep clamoring for smaller government seem to need a job with the government for most of their lives.
        That crap happens on both sides of the aisle, so don’t point fingers at any one person or party.

  8. Tim Cook has his talents but the slow pace of innovation is a real issue. It might be interesting to consider someone for COO that would provide some depth to the executive team and complement Cook’s abilities.

  9. “Apple does not have the capability to understand the competition”

    Remind me again, when Jon Rubinstein became the Chairman of Palm in 2007 and then also the CEO, how well did that compete compared to the iPhone?

    “lacks the vision and ability to deliver new products”

    Remind me again, when HP bought Palm and Jon Rubinstein was the head of the webOS unit, what new products were released during his 24 months before he bailed?

    (There was only one product, the HP TouchPad, which was on the market for 7 weeks before HP announced there would be no more webOS products)

  10. Rubinstein back to Apple? After leaving and then competing at Palm? Shows how little Mr. Chowdhry knows about Apple history and tech business.


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