Apple, Intertrust settle year-old patent suit

“Apple Inc has agreed to settle a year-old patent infringement lawsuit with Intertrust Technologies Corp, a software firm owned by a group that includes Sony Corp and Philips, according to court filings,” Sampad Patnaik reports for Reuters.

“Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Silicon Valley-based Intertrust develops and licenses digital rights management (DRM) software,” Patnaik reports. “The lawsuit covered the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and laptops, Apple TV and services including iTunes, iCloud and the Apple App Store.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Silicon Valley-based Intertrust develops and licenses digital rights management (DRM) software

    Then they’re an abomination. Dickheads. What a great way to inspire piracy, the exact opposite of the intention. Treat your customers as default thieves and they’ll respond with retribution AS thieves. It’s a simple formula as old as humanity. Total DUH Factor, dummies. 😛

    The big secret: Respect your customers and they’ll respect you. That wasn’t such a big secret now, was it? Or are you biznizziz too lost in your narcissism, paranoia (get off the coke habit), game playing and money grubbing to live IRL? ❓

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