iPhone 5s demand wanes in China as consumers anticipate iPhone 6 with larger display

“Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White is touring China and reports to investors that demand for the iPhone 5s in the Asian country is disappointing, while interest in Chinese brands like Xiaomi is on the rise,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for MacRumors. “This cool sentiment towards the iPhone may change when an iPhone 6 model with a larger screen arrives later this year.”

“Interest in a large-screened iPhone model among Chinese vendors and carriers is reportedly very high, possibly making the next iPhone launch a ‘special’ one for Apple,” Hodgkins reports. “Apple’s next iPhone model is expected to arrive in two display sizes, with one near 4.7 inches and the other at approximately 5.5 inches. The 4.7-inch model may debut this fall, while the 5.5-inch is rumored to land sometime in 2015.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This fall? 2015?! For models that clearly* should have been on the market 12-24 months ago. The world’s most valuable company sometimes moves with Ballmeresque expediency.

*Survey data we have seen from disparate sources uniformly shows that consumers want iPhones with larger displays.


    1. I am more apt to agree with MDN on this one…

      The iPhone 4 should have had the screen of the 5 (4 in diag)

      And the iPhone 5 should have the screen size 4.5 or greater…

      And the iPhone 6 would have allowed a rollout of a 5.5 in if they really want to get in that market…

      Alas, it is what it is… But as we have all come to know, just because Apple doesnt release something first, does not mean they wont be successful…

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  1. “demand for the iPhone 5s in the Asian country is disappointing,” You mean its dyng in the ass. No one wants iphones anymore. Even the chinese who make crap don’t want more crap to buy.


    MDN loves telling people to be patient with Apple, that Apple takes its time to make the right moves at the right moments … and then they turn around when Apple doesn’t do the things they want it to do NOW NOW NOW.


  3. Larger screens are a nonsense for smartphones, I think. No doubt there is a business for “phablets”, but i rather would opt for an iPhone with a slightly SMALLER display, much more convenient to carry around in a normal pocket… I own a 5s, but regret it hasn’t the 4s size.

    1. I gotta agree. I was at the gym yesterday, and I noticed a buddy’s Samsung. I was too small for a tablet, but too large for a phone (I think it was a Galaxy Note 3). He told me that it held a charge (though he said he was a heavy user) no more than six hours or so. I asked him about Samsung gesture-based features, and he said it didn’t work too well and was a bit of gimmick.

    2. Apple, the world’s most valuable company, a company with more cash on-hand than the GNP of some countries, should have a range of devices on the market.

      Apple makes portable Macs in 11-, 13-, and 15-inch sizes. They should have iPhones in 4-, 4.7-, and 5.5-inch sizes. That they do not currently is a mistake.

      Luckily for Apple, people get new smartphones every 2 years or so, so if they aren’t by upgrade time too wedded to the “Android ecosystem,” Apple has a decent chance to woo them.

    3. Sorry but your comment is nonsense. Smartphones are not just for phoning, but messaging, videos, browsing, reading ….. All are better on a bigger screen, much better. Yes there is a line to be crossed with size, but less than 4″ come on be realistic!

  4. China Mobile sold 26 million 3G (24+ million) and 4g (1.3 million). This is the first time that apple is selling a phone with TD-SCDMA (3G). Do you really think apple only sold 1 million iPhones thru china mobile? We will be in for a surprise. China mobile just gave the number approximately of 4g subscribers who chose the iPhone. Do you truly believe the Chinese who only have 3G in their area would have not bought a 5S which has future proof capability when 4G is turned on in their area.

    White is already preparing to downplay the success apple is having with china mobile. This will be a blowout. Calendar this. Leitao and company will be dumbfounded.

  5. I agree with MDN.
    I was one of those people who while wanting to stick with the iOS ecosystem wanted a bigger screen Apple had not offered. I bought a Galaxy S4 ONLY because of the screen size in Sept 2013. since then I switched back to iOS and a iPhone 5. Eager to upgrade to an iPhone 6 with at least a 4.7 inch screen. It was really nice having a 5 inch screen but Android os sucks compared to iOS for most things.

    Speaking of switching back, anyone know someone who wants to buy a mint condition S4? 🙂

  6. You people know nothing of the delicate art of seduction. Here’s how us pros, like me and Apple, get it done: First, you got to make them “want it”. Apple’s clearly doing that right: you all are craving that big, black or silver iPhone with 5″ diagonal screen inside your hands. Second, you make her wait for it. Anticipation never happens all at once, it takes time fully develop. She needs time to realize how badly she really wants it, and to let that desire drive her a slightly insane. When she’s begging for it, that’s when you know: you only have to make her wait a little bit longer. Oh, yeah. Third, you give it all to her. If you followed all the steps correctly, you’ll hear unmistakable sounds of pure ecstatic pleasure. You’re welcome, ladies.

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