Apple’s purchase of Novauris could allow Siri to work locally, sans data connection

“Apple has sort-of-confirmed that it recently snapped up another small company, called Novauris,” Sharif Sakr reports for Engadget.

“One of Novauris’s big strengths has been locally-processed recognition, which doesn’t rely on distant servers, so it’s possible that Apple wants Siri to accomplish more without a data connection,” Sakr reports. “We’re just speculating, of course, but this is a function that no voice assistant has really mastered so far (although others are definitely working on it), and it’s even more important now that iOS is getting into the car.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      l­­­­ook a­­­­t th­­­­is s­­­­ite……..

    1. True but it will always have limitations, what makes the potential for artificial intelligence a reality is that it is not limited to a static database it has to have universal access where it can seek, learn and endlessly expand. May only be Stone Age at present but that’s the future, old fashioned concepts of an artificial brain is a dead end beyond the foreseeable future. It’s capabilities will remain a poor relation but with some useful use when cut off from a connection or connections are slow.

  1. “this is a function that no voice assistant has really mastered so far…”
    Except on Mavericks where you can have continuous (not 30 secs) dictation for a cost of about 500 MB space and some processing.

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