Apple’s iPhone 5s Touch ID vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner (with video)

iCrackUriDevice‘s Tanner Marsh has compared Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner with Apple’s iPhone 5s Touch ID.

“According to Marsh’s review, both devices feature simple fingerprint enrollment processes. However, Samsung’s fingerprint scanner operates differently from Apple’s in several ways,” Nathanael Arnold reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “Unlike Apple’s iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor, which requires that the user press his or her entire fingertip down, Samsung’s device features a narrower sensor that works by having the users swipe their fingertip across it. And while Apple’s Touch ID scanner is based entirely on the home button, Samsung’s scanner requires users to begin their finger swipe on the lower portion of the touchscreen before moving it over the home button.”

“As seen in the video above, Samsung’s approach to fingerprint scanning appeared to present several problematic issues. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner seemed to have trouble reading a fingerprint unless the user swiped their finger straight down over the scanner,” Arnold reports. “On the other hand, Apple’s Touch ID was capable of reading a fingerprint from any orientation. Since Apple’s method doesn’t require any swiping motion or particular orientation, it also appeared to be better suited for one-handed operation.”

“Marsh is not the only reviewer to notice usability issues with Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner,” Arnold reports. “Reviewers at The Verge called Samsung’s fingerprint scanner ‘quite unreliable and virtually impossible to activate when holding the phone in one hand,’ and said that ‘it was very particular about the speed and orientation of the swiping motion used — if we weren’t doing a perfectly straight swipe down, it would refuse to unlock the phone.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More half-assed garbage from Samsung. Who will they pay to take a selfie next?


  1. More proof that Samsung is just chasing the tail coats of Apple. Samsung slaps the feature in just to have it on the stupid bullet point of features list.

    1. my c­­­­o-­­­­wor­­­­ker’s ha­­­­lf-si­­­­ster ma­­­­kes $8­­­­9 /hou­­­­r o­­­­n t­­­­he l­­­­aptop . Sh­­­­e ha­­­­s be­­­­en fire­­­­d fro­­­­m w­­­­ork f­­­­or five mo­­­­nths ­­­­b­­­­­­­­ut las­­­­t m­­­­onth h­­­­er c­­­­heck wa­­­­s $21­­­­382 ju­­­­st ­­­­wor­­­­ki­­­­ng o­­­­n th­­­­e la­­­­ptop fo­­­­r a f­­­­ew h­­­­ours.
      l­­­­ook a­­­­t th­­­­is s­­­­ite……..

  2. While I do agree that Samsung is garbage, they are no where near as bad as Sony. The other day, I saw an ad for their Xperia phone, and guess what: The ad had Michael Jackson’s unreleased song “Slave to the Rhythm”! Unbelievable! And each new Xperia will come with a free copy of Michael Jackson’s “new” album “Xscape”, which isn’t all that new anyways. Sony will do anything to milk Michael Jackson’s name. They used, and abused Michael Jackson throughout the 2000s, and even sabotaged the release of his 2001 joint, “Invincible”. MJ hated Sony. Samsung wishes they were half as evil as Sony.

      1. Allegedly. Little boy’s parent made large quantities of moola from MJ.

        IMHO – only history will tell. Have to wait until MacAuley Culkin is on his death bed, as well as the other money grubbers who profiteered – to find out whether they lied about what went on at Neverland Ranch.

        I think MJ was probably had a lot of issues and liked to sleep with children- and by that I meant sleep.
        The reason for that behavior is nothing like you would think. You should read up about him.

          1. Apparently you don’t know much about lawyers either. They instigate theses types of lawsuits every day for the sole purpose of negotiating a settlement whether or not the defendant is guilty. Legal extortion.
            A settlement is not an indicator of guilt.

            1. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

              Technically, you are correct from a flawed legal point of view.

              But we all know the unvarnished truth. Legalese be damned.

            2. The unvarnished truth is that he was innocent. Did you not pay attention to the 2005 trials? The jury concluded that he was not guilty. Those kids were lying scumbags who wanted MJ’s money. And Sony capitalized that. They actually advertised MJ’s funeral as a “media extravaganza!”. Forget about Sony’s Windblowz PCs or their iPhone rip-off Xperia. What they did to Michael Jackson was unforgivable, and they will never see my money.

    1. I think you may be on to something! I doubt that Tim Cook would OK such a counterattack, though. It doesn’t seem his style. His style is to remain sealed away, a Snow King in an Ivory Tower, until his wizards have prepared a grand unveiling, after which excitement runs through the kingdom like overstimulated rabbits.

      Still, I miss the old intrigue; it was edgy, mysterious and sexy in the manner of the Thin Man series, and prevented stodgy negativism from filling the void of emergent technology the way it is doing today, to depressing effect.

  3. Shows that with rare exceptions the opposition are just incapable of real innovation even when Apple shows the way. In its place they sell overblown, but half hearted gimmickry that only convinces the half wits or paid trolls of its worth.

  4. Who decides on the technology that goes into Samsung phones, the engineering department or the marketing gurus? A piece of technology doesn’t have to be cutting edge — or even well designed to look good on ad copy.

    The fingerprint sensors on the 5S and the GS5 provide a perfect illustration of the difference between Apple’s design philosophy and Samsung’s. One designs user experience, the other sells features.

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